Our Mission

Foresight Institute advances technologies of fundamental importance to the long-term future of life and the biosphere, focusing on molecular machine nanotechnology, biotechnology, and computer science. We reward excellence, restrain recklessness, and create community to promote beneficial uses of these technologies and reduce misuse and accidents potentially associated with them.

To translate the expertise of 10+ years of technical competitions for advancing biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computation into consistent long-term progress, in 2021 our one-off competitions turn into monthly strategy groups. Invited participants include leading scientists, entrepreneurs and institutional allies who are connected by a virtual community and meet monthly online to focus on advancing a crucial aspect of their field, prompted by invited guest speakers. The goal is to develop concrete projects for solving foundational problems in each field open for govt/philanthropic funding, or investment by the end of 2021.


Nanotechnology: Molecular Machines Group 

A group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutional allies who cooperate to make progress on molecular machines. Connected by a virtual group, we meet monthly to advance the work of those working to create atomically precise applications in energy, medicine, and materials science toward Feynman’s vision of molecular nanotechnology. Apply to join.




Biotechnology: Health Extension Group 

Sponsored by 100 Plus Capital this group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and institutional allies meets monthly to cooperate in spurring field-wide progress on technologies that fight aging and increase human healthspan. Apply to join.




Computation: Intelligent Cooperation Group

A group of experts in computer science, cryptography, AI, and related fields, connected by a virtual group, who cooperate on applying these tools to build a future defined by intelligent cooperation and seek decentralized defenses against automated physical and digital threats. Apply to join.





Foresight: Existential Hope Group

This group of scientists, innovators, philosophers, and activists meet monthly to collaborate on seeking crucial opportunities for humanity to leverage high-impact STEM areas for flourishing futures. Apply to join.