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John Bashinski

John Bashinski

John "jbash" Bashinski has been a Senior Associate since 1999. His advanced technology interests include communication architectures, privacy, security, intellectual property issues, economic implications of nonscarce labor, and technologists' ethics. He blunders his way through the technical details of nanotechnology and biotechnology mostly based on self-education; his formal education is in mathematics and computer science.

jbash is the webmaster for Foresight's Senior Associate Machine, a position in which he draws heavily on his uncanny talent for downloading, installing, and slightly customizing open source software written by others, most notably the Zope and Plone frameworks.

Skills he has found occasionally useful in administering SAM arise from 20 years of professional experience as a software engineer, engineering process maven, system administrator, system architect, network designer, network troubleshooter, network performance expert, IT security officer, security incident and vulnerability manager, security and privacy theorist, policy analyst, technology business strategist, corporate gadfly, and partridge in a pear tree.

These latter abilities find rather more expression in his day job as a Technical Leader with Cisco Systems, Inc, a company whose culture and processes he has been influencing since 1989, and for which he is now helping to define certain security standards and evaluation functions. He has also worked in automated electronic test, as an independent consultant, and, in a nobly quixotic attempt to realize the cypherpunk vision, at Zero-Knowledge Systems.

His personal interests include trying (and failing) to keep abreast of all significant scientific, technological, and related cultural developments, reading speculative fiction and non-fiction, writing lengthy and usually anonymous screeds on various weblogs, tweaking the pompous, wishing he had the gumption to get up and go outdoors sometimes, occasional gardening, sporadic photography, and certain recreational activities which he has been forbidden to discuss in this space.


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