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Officers and Staff

Miguel Aznar – Director, Education

Miguel AznarThe founder of KnowledgeContext, Mr. Aznar has a rich and varied background in management consulting, technology, and education. As Executive Director of KnowledgeContext, he...

  • Developed concept, formed team, and created the 501(c)(3) educational non-profit corporation KnowledgeContext.
  • Recruited board of directors, expanded it, and handled succession of board chairs.
  • Developed and field-tested curriculum in coordination with middle school teachers in Berkeley, San Jose, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz.
  • Developed website to deliver curriculum to teachers and to provide organizational information (
  • Managed on-going assessment and refinement of curriculum product.
  • Radio interviews: KSCO “Mr. Logic,” KUSP “Geekspeak” for four 30-minute shows, and multiple visits to KUSP's Talk of the Bay
  • Coordinated program public television KTEH’s Real Science.
  • Raised funds from IBM, Microsoft, Williams Communication, JPMorgan, and individual donors.
  • Wrote Technology Challenged: Understanding Our Creations & Choosing Our Future, a book on understanding and evaluating nanotechnology.
  • Promoted Technology Challenged on the media and at conferences, gaining its acceptance as a textbook at multiple colleges.
  • Developed and taught UC Santa Cruz COSMOS course on nanotechnology

Mr. Aznar serves on the Educational/Consulting Advisory Board of the Acceleration Studies Foundation.  He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. A synopsis of his professional experience prior to KnowledgeContext includes:

  • Analyzed business processes and developed training programs for AT&T.
  • Developed a geographic information system to track solid waste for the City of Los Angeles
  • Analyzed and merged databases for the corporate merger of Bank of America and Security Pacific Bank.
  • Managed a team to reduce setup time in the manufacturing operations of McCulloch Motors.
  • Developed a standard costing model for Sugar Foods, a condiment packager.
  • Trained McDonnell Douglas personnel in the programming of management and accounting reports.
  • Trained BW/IP project managers in use of advanced project management software.
  • Assessed capabilities of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s manufacturing kitchen, evaluating alternatives of outsourcing, replacement, and upgrading.
  • Evaluated profitability of internal media production department in PacifiCare.
  • Developed software solutions and user manuals, and coordinated project plans for NASA, Amdahl, and Open Systems Development.

Mr. Aznar has also served on the Board of Directors for Acacia, a non-profit social organization, and was the chapter advisor, providing strong leadership and guidance for students at the University of California at Berkeley. Each summer, Mr. Aznar leads the Sierra to the Sea Bicycle Tour, which takes 140 cyclists from California's Gold Country through the Wine Country and to San Francisco. He is an avid road cyclist and mountain biker with an abiding love of nature, enjoys hiking, communal cooking with friends and even finds time to write poetry.

Miguel Aznar
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