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"State of the Field" Report
on Molecular Nanotechnology

The Foresight Institute's first annual "State of the Field" Report on Molecular Nanotechnology, which will review events and developments of 1996, is now in preparation.

You can help define the contents and coverage of the 1996 review. We'd like to solicit your opinions on what you feel were the most signficant events and developments related to molecular nanotechnology during 1996.

We would like your assessments of the most important results in research and development, policy decisions and program activities in both the public and private sectors, and in particular business and commercial attention. Activities outside the United States are also of particular interest.

Your contributions will help us shape the first "State of the Field" report with an overview of what the molecular nanotechnology community considers to be the most significant events and developments of 1996. In addition, you may be able to point us to items that we haven't thought to include or have not been informed of previously.

So, if you will, submit your choices for the top ten (or more--list all the items you feel deserve coverage) MNT-related events from 1996. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated. Please send your thoughts directly to:

Richard P. Terra
Terra Nova: Design, Communication and Information Services
P.O. Box 9211
Boise, ID 83707 USA

If you send eMail, please include the words "MNT Report 96" in the subject line to aid proper routing of your message.

Please submit your comments by 21 March 1997.

Thanks very much. I look forward to your responses.

-- Richard Terra


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