Allison conducts research and coordinates Foresight’s technical programs. Her research focus is on the reduction of existential risks, especially from AI. At she keeps an index of readings, podcasts, organizations, and people that inspire an optimistic long-term vision for humanity. Allison speaks on existential risks & existential hope, AI safety, longevity, cryptocommerce, and other topics in ethics and technology. Prior engagements include Wall Street Journal, SXSW, The O’Reilly AI Conference, The World Economic Forum, The Partnership on AI, and Effective Altruism Global. Prior to Foresight, she hosted workshops, conferences and TEDx for corporations, governments, and the public across Europe, Latin America and the US. Allison holds an MS in Philosophy & Public Policy from the London School of Economics, where she developed an ethical framework for Artificial General Intelligence that uses NLP to aggregate crude ethical heuristics from texts.