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SXSW AI Overview

  • SXSW’s AI Safety review with Allison Duettmann, Elon Musk, and David Chalmers is here.


Existential Hope @The Simulation

Video interview with Allen Saakyan, covering philosophy, foresight, existential hope, AI safety, riffs of utopia, strengthening civilizations, longevity, the blockchain ecosystem and the simulation


Capitalism 2050

  • Talk on Existential Hope at Capitalism 2050.
  • Event description here. 


Bitcoin on the Moon Conference


  • Cryonics Panel and Existential Hope talk.
  • Event description here.


Foresight Institute: Artificial General Intelligences & Corporations Seminar 

  • Planning, facilitating, white paper on seminar on Artificial General Intelligences & Corporations
  • Even description here, videos below.


AI Definitions & AI Safety Overview 

Intro AI Definitions & Overview of the field of AI safety.


Aligning Long-Term Projects with Short-term Incentives

Allison Duettmann and Tom Kalil, former Deputy Director, OSTP, Chief Innovation Officer at Schmidt Futures, on aligning long-term projects with incentives in governmental institutions.


Cybersecurity & Civilization as Superintelligence 

Interview with Mark S. Miller, Foresight Senior Fellow,  Co-Founder of Agoric, on cybersecurity as neglected risk and civilization as relevant superintelligence.


AGI & Corporations Conclusions

Summary session with Peter Scheyer, Foresight Institute Fellow in Cybersecurity & Corporate AGI, Mark Nitzberg, Executive Director of the UC Berkeley Center for Human Compatible AI,  Allison Duettmann, AI Safety Researcher at Foresight Institute, Advisor to EthicsNet, Mark S. Miller – Agoric, Senior Fellow at Foresight Institute, Brewster Kahle, Founder of the Internet Archive, Digital Librarian, and Philanthropist, and Thomas Kalil, Former Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, Chief Innovation Officer at Schmidt Futures.


Foresight Institute: Enlightening Hidden Social Motives with Robin Hanson 

  • Talk, interview, and discussion with Robin Hanson.
  • Event description here.


Emergent Communities Conference

  • Hosted speed salon on emergent community topics.
  • Event description here.


AI Philosophy: Why Its Hard & State of The Art

Video of SXSW workshop on AI safety, divided into three parts: 
1. Overview of AI safety and why the field can be broken down into Ethics, Technical Alignment, Cybersecurity, and Social Coordination
2. Overview of state of the art research in the focus areas
3. An alternative approach to AI safety that proposes to decentralize the danger, brought forth by Mark S. Miller, Christine Peterson, and Allison Dman.


Debunking Human & AI Morality

  • Talk at Futurist Meetup on Human & AI Morality.
  • Salon description here.


Foresight Institute: Creating Counterculture with Joon Yun

Fireside chat with Joon Yun, MD, President of Palo Alto Investors on the evolutionary genealogy of our cultural norms and how to use this knowledge to create more efficient counterculture. Event description here. 


Foresight Institute Updating Rationality Salon

  • Intimate, informal salon on putting systems in place to follow-through on your long-term goals. Description here.


Foresight Institute: 2018 Plans Strategy Gathering

  • An evening dedicated to strategizing on Foresight’s 2018 vision 
  • Panel with Peter Eckersley, Shoshana O’Brien, Matt Bell, Allison Duettmann on looking back at 2017 to look ahead into 2018.


Foresight Institute 2017 Vision Weekend

Vision Weekend in a nutshell

4 minute summary of Vision Weekend – website here.


Existential Hope 

Allison Duettmann on Existential Hope. Help pool work toward positive futures at


Longevity: Reaching Escape Velocity

Sonia Arrison – Author, Advisor at Foresight Institute, Thiel Foundation, Aubrey De Grey, Co-Founder of SENS Research Foundation, Max More, President & CEO of Alcor, Kevin Perrott, Researcher at Buck Institute. Moderated by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Intelligence: The Brain, AI, and Hybrids

David Eagleman – Author, Neuroscientist, Stanford University, Robert McIntyre – CEO, Nectome, Randal Koene – Lead Scientist, Kernel, Nell Watson – Co-Founder, Moderated by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Blockchains: Master Key To Unlock The Future?

Zooko Wilcox – Founder, ZCash, Nathana Sharma – Program Director, Singularity University, Mark Miller –  Senior Fellow, Foresight Institute, Nick Kritikos, Head of Global Business Development, ConsenSys. Moderated by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


The Long Run: The Tools To Make It Beyond This Century

Joon Yun – MD, President, Palo Alto Investors, Thomas Kalil – Senior Advisor, Eric & Wendy Schmidt Group, Melanie Swan – Founder, Institute for Blockchain Studies, Matt Bell – Founder, Matterport. Moderated by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute

Foresight @The World Transformed

Podcast on Foresight’s vision here. 


Embassy Salon 

Salon on Existential Hope here.


Foresight Institute Atomic Precision for Longevity Workshop

Planning, hosting, white paper production for invitational technical workshop at the intersection of Nanotechnology & Longevity. 



1517 Great Assembly 

Talk on Existential Hope.


Speed Salons on Playa

Hosting Speed Salons at Dream Society.


Effective Altruism Global 2017

EA: Evaluating Hard-to-Measure Projects 

Facilitation of workshop evaluating hard-to-measure projects at Effective Altruism Global 2017 with Christine Peterson.


BIL 2017

  • Talk on Why X-Risks Matter at BIL 2017.
  • Event description here. 



  • Speed salons on Settling Into The Future, Hard-To-Quantify Projects, and AI Ethics


Foresight Institute AI for Atomic Precision Workshop

  • Coordination, workshop concept, facilitation of technical invitational workshop on AI  for Atomic Precision. 
  • Video on NanoMind – a research proposal for AI-powered framework for nano-scale design that was generated at the workshop.


Foresight Institute: Building Better Futures on the Blockchain

  • Event production, facilitation, moderation
  • Speakers: Christopher Allen, Principal Architect at Blockstream, Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director at Hyperledger, Mark S. Miller, Senior Fellow at Foresight Institute, Steve Omohundro, Director at Possibility Research, Moderated by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute.


Foresight Institute: Brunch With Brin

  • Event concept, facilitation, moderation
  • Fireside chat with David Brin on futurism, predictions, the Fermi Paradox, transparency, and more. 


Foresight Institute: The Great Debates

Event concept, panel curation, speaker invitation, hosting, moderation


Summary video


Tomorrow And The Day After

Debate with Bryan Johnson, Founder of Kernel, Braintree and the O/S Fund Richard Titus, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics Julia Bossmann, President of Foresight Institute Nichol Bradford, Co-Founder of the Transformative Technology Lab Ryan Bethencourt, Program Director & Venture Partner at IndieBio Moderator: James Norris, Founder of Self Spark, Bay Area Futurists Organizer. Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Drop Everything To Work on AI

Peter Voss, Head of AGI Innovations Inc Steve Omohundro, President, Possibility Research Monica Anderson, Director of Research at Syntience Inc Michael Andregg, Co-Founder and CSO at Fathom Computing Moderator: David Yanofsky, Reporter at Quartz. Introduction: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute.


Life: Longer & Better

Dr. Joon Yun, President of Palo Alto Investors, founder of The Palo Alto Prize Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist at Stanford, author of PBS series The Brain with David Eagleman Dr. Ralph Merkle, Co-founder of Nanofactory Collaboration, Faculty at Singularity University, Director of Alcor Joe Betts-Lacroix, Co-Founder at Vium Tanya Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Arigos Biomedical Moderator: Christine Peterson, Co-founder and former President of Foresight Institute. Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Goodbye Nation-states

  • off the record.


Freezing Woman

  • Micro talk on Realizing the Cosmic Imperative 


AI for Scientific Progress Workshop

  • Coordination, workshop support
  • Co-authoring Workshop report with Jim Lewis


Burning Man 

  • Talk on Alternative Societies at Dream Society.


Galactic Tick Day

  • Talk on The Importance Of The Very Long-Run. 
  • Event description here.


Breakthrough Technologies for Energy Workshop


TEDx EchoPark: Paradigm Shifts

  • Production and hosting TEDx with 9 speakers
  • Talks playlist here, speaker list here
  • E.g. Valter Longo on Rejuvenation