Soon to be released 'Exploring Nanotechnology' CD

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Nanopolis writes "Imagine what would happen if you could introduce your break-through technology to thousands of viewers comprised of venture capitalists, banks, investors, brokerage firms, industrial and research players?

Find out by participating in the collaborative Nanopolis encyclopedias. The exclusive multimedia "Exploring Nanotechnology" encyclopedia CD-ROM will be launched within 30 days !



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Keven Kelleher from has a good piece here discussing nanohype. Tim Harper had an interesting comment regarding whether people "know the difference between a macrophage and a macromolecule?" Neither of these is strictly about nanotechnology but his question and the answers it might prompt would be illuminating.

Readers might offer better questions to determine "Is or is not someone nanoliterate?"

Nanotechnology article in University of Wisconsin-

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Keith Gillette writes "Nanotechnology research at the University of Wisconsin--Madison provides the subject for the cover story of the Spring 2005 edition of On Wisconsin , the UW-Madison alumni magazine. From the examples used, the article appears to use the term nanotechnology in its popular sense, drawing no distinction with molecular nanotechnology."

BBC Reports on upcoming nanotechnologies

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Dr_Barnowl writes "The BBC reports on the upcoming nanotechnologies that we can expect to see in the near future. One interviewee asserts that "As soon as you mention it, people conjure up images of small robots carrying out surgery or things that are not desirable."

Whereas my perception is that as soon as you mention it, people go "Whuh?" Not really anything new or innovative here, but it's always nice to see nanotech mentioned in mainstream media, even if the Drexlerlian vision is being dimissed as sci-fi, as per usual.

Aside from that, there is a link to everyones favourite manifestation of nanotech - NanoPants! "

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