Foresight Institute’s mission to support world-shaping technological development toward an abundant future includes restraining recklessness and otherwise avoiding or mitigating problems that might arise through accidents, abuses, or unintended consequences of emerging technologies.

Blockchains, Cryptoeconomics, and Emerging Technology Risks

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Blockchain formation. The main chain (black) consists of the longest series of blocks from the genesis block (green) to the current block. Orphan blocks (purple) exist outside of the [...]

Cyber, Nano, and AGI Risks: Computer Security and Effective Altruism

By |2017-11-26T12:25:04-08:00November 25th, 2017|About Foresight, Abuse of Advanced Technology, Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM), Computer Security, Health & longevity, Life extension, Machine Intelligence, Nano, Nanodot, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, Nanotechnology Politics, Open Source, Risk Management, Security, Space, World-Shaping Technologies|

Christine Peterson, Foresight Institute Co-Founder and Projects Director Foresight Institute Co-Founder and Projects Director Christine Peterson (full biography) was interviewed recently by 80000 Hours, “an independent nonprofit funded [...]

Foresight co-founder on the future of the human lifespan

By |2017-07-03T17:03:59-07:00October 6th, 2015|About Foresight, Abuse of Advanced Technology, Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM), Bionanotechnology, Foresight News Articles, Future Medicine, Health & longevity, Life extension, Lifestyle, Machine Intelligence, Memetics, Military nanotechnology, Molecular manufacturing, Molecular Nanotechnology, Nano, Nanobiotechnology, Nanodot, Nanomedicine, Nanotech, Nanotechnology, Risk Management|

Optimized Geek podcast featured Christine Peterson on the future of nanotechnology, human lifespan, artificial intelligence, finding love, and other topics.

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