Surprisingly real value from virtual reality

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Speaking of big computation, cyberspace isn’t yet as potent as Neal Stephenson portrayed in Snow Crash and subsequent books, but it’s getting there. A new article in the [...]

Nanotechnology-enabled quantum computing may fuel a security race

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Senior Associate Alvin Steinberg suggests that we portray the nanotech race as in part a security race involving quantum computing.

Why terrorists are often engineers: implications for nanotechnology

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An IEEE Spectrum podcast asks the question, Why Are Terrorists Often Engineers? The blurb: With terrorism back in the news, so, too, is a curious footnote: Of the hundreds of [...]

Bill Joy on steering the future to lower-risk

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Many of you will recall Bill Joy's famous article in Wired called Why the future doesn't need us, where he expressed concern about various technologies including advanced nanotech. Apparently he [...]

Open Science Summit to be streamed live

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Not able to attend the Open Science Summit on July 29-31 in Berkeley, California? We'll miss you, but you can watch the conference live at: Put it on your [...]

Nanotechnology for chemical and biological defense: the book

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Here at Foresight our main focus is on longer-term technologies such as molecular manufacturing, but we keep an eye on what's arriving along the nearer-term pathways as well.  In 2007 [...]