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nano and the food challenge
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Maximizing Productivity of Agriculture

Challenge and Problem

There is an ever-increasing demand for food and adequate nutrition, while world grain harvest has fallen short for the last four years. Biodiversity is being destroyed world wide with 9.4 hectares of forest being lost annually. Half of our world’s forests and a quarter of our coral reefs are gone.

The world population is currently at 6.4 billion and is estimated to swell to 8.9 billion by the year 2050. It is anticipated that 98% of this growth will be in poorer countries. It is also predicted that there will be 5 billion city dwellers by 2030 which will place heavy demands on the growth and distribution of food.

Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology will provide solutions through precision farming using nanosensors, pest nanocides, and inexpensive decentralized water purification. A more advanced nanotechnology solution will be plant gene therapy; creating pest resistant, high yield crops that require less water.

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