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Healing and Preserving the Environment

Challenge and Problem

There is an ever-increasing demand for natural resources and living space for humans, while toxics continue to build up in our water and soil. Biodiversity is being destroyed world wide with 7 million hectares of forest being lost annually. Half of our world’s forests and a quarter of our coral reefs are gone.

Biodiversity decreases each year, with increasing threats especially to the oceans. Damage to the atmosphere’s ozone layer has slowed but a hole still remains. Many believe that man-made greenhouse gases are causing disruption to the planet’s climate, a process popularly termed ‘global warming.’ Proposals to correct this are expensive and unlikely to be followed by developing nations who see economic advance as more urgent.

Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology will provide solutions through precision pollution monitoring using nanosensors, lower energy needs due to lightweight strong materials, and reducing the use of harsh cleansers through the applications of nanocoatings to surfaces. A more advanced nanotechnology solution will be building our products with molecular-level precision through the use of productive nanosystems, resulting in virtually no chemical waste.

Expert Opinion – Foresight Co-Founder
How Nanotech Can Help the Environment
Christine Peterson
Vice President
Foresight Nanotech Institute

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