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Making Information Technology Available to All

Challenge and Problem

In 2005 an estimated 13.9% of the world’s population has Internet access with the greatest saturation in North America and the least in Africa. The recent tsunami disaster illustrates how rapidly the world can be informed about and respond to crises. A "planetary nervous system" would enable humanity to work collectively to make a better world for all of us.

There are currently many who lack widespread access to communications, information, services and resources. This lack of access creates insurmountable barriers to education, democratization, and economic growth.

Nanotechnology Solutions

Electronics is an area where nanotechnology is making great gains. The use of nanotechnology applications will drastically reduce the cost and increase the performance of memory, displays, processors, solar powered components, and embedded intelligence systems. It will also enable networks to be self-configuring. These improvements would create a pervasive computing environment that would promote greater global communication, cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Expert Opinion – Foresight Institute Editorial Board Member

Nanotech and the Next Wave: Pervasive Computing

Lawrence Gasman
NanoMarkets, LC

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