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Enabling Space Development

Challenge and Problem

The earthly challenges facing humanity are the result of our heavy demand on resources and raw materials. Many of these materials can be found in space but the expense to extract them is a major barrier. In addition to cost, other obstacles to developing space are safety, reliability, and performance.

According to the National Space Society there are four reasons why we need to pursue space exploration and colonization. These reasons—survival, growth, prosperity and curiosity—all point to the fact that we, as a species, want more room. Space exploration will give us a means to monitor the health of our planet, a source of resources and an outlet for our imagination.

Nanotechnology Solutions

Nanotechnology will create the ability for humans to operate in space more safely. Applications where nanotechnology will impact space exploration are propulsion fuels, coatings, structural materials, smart uniforms, electronics and life support environments. These will be more efficient, stronger, self-healing and lighter than what is currently available.

Expert Opinion – Foresight Institute Editorial Board Member

Molecular Manufacturing and The High Frontier

Tihamer Toth-Fejel
General Dynamics

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