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Foresight Conference 2010

Conference Schedule (preliminary)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

0008:15 AM    Registration and coffee
0008:45    J Storrs Hall, Foresight Institute
"Introduction and Welcome: 20 years of Foresight"
0009:00    Larry Millstein, Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, PC
"Sequencing Single DNA Molecules"
video        slides (7.3 MB PDF)
0009:45    Hod Lipson, Cornell University
"Adaptive and Self-Reflective Systems"
0010:30    Break
0010:45    Feynman Prize Presentation, Foresight Institute
to Oscar Custance, Masayuki Abe, Yoshiaki Sugimoto, and Robert Freitas Jr
and Communication Prize Presentation, Foresight Institute to the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
0011:00    Oscar Custance, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
"Experimental Demonstrations of Mechanosynthesis"
video        slides (20 MB PDF)
0011:45    Ralph Merkle, IMM, Nanofactory Collaboration
""The Contributions of Robert Freitas to Molecular Nanotechnology""
video        slides (10.8 MB PDF)
0012:30    Lunch
0002:00    J Storrs Hall, Foresight Institute
"Roadmaps to Nanotech and AGI"
video        slides (1.4 MB PDF)
0002:45    Kartik Gada, Reliance GP
"Uplifting One Billion People in Ten Years"
0003:30    Break
0004:00    Paul Saffo, Stanford University
"Profiles of the Future"
0004:45    Brad Templeton, Foresight, EFF
"Revolutionizing Transportation with AI"
0007:30 - 9:30    Senior Associate Reception
  • Free for Senior Associates and one guest. Register early -- maximum of 40 attendees!
  • Cost for non-Senior Associates and additional guests is $50 per person. (Guests may choose to have their fees applied toward Senior Associate dues.)
The reception will feature the first in-person debate between Robin Hanson and blogger Mencius Moldbug about futarchy, a subject on which fur has flown over the blogosphere.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

0008:15 AM    Registration and Coffee
0008:45    Brian Wang, Next Big Future .com
"Timing Emergence and Convergence of High Impact Technologies"
video        slides (6 MB PDF)
0009:30    Michael Anissimov, Singularity Institute for AI
"Don't Fear the Singularity, but Be Careful: Friendly AI Design"
0010:15    Break
0010:45    Robin Hanson, George Mason University
"Economics of Nanotech and AI"
video        slides (11.3 MB PDF)
0011:30    David Friedman, Santa Clara University
"Economics of Nanotech and AI"
0012:15    Lunch
0002:00    Monica Anderson, Syntience
"A New Direction in AI Research"
0002:45    Salim Ismail, Singularity University
"Preparing Humanity for Accelerating Technological Change"
video        slides (6.6 MB PDF)