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Vision Weekend

Saturday, October 22
Sunday, October 23

The big picture on nanotechnology: what it means, where it's taking us, what to expect. Candid, off-the-record views from technology leaders.

Applications and Policy

Monday, October 24
Tuesday, October 25

How nanotech is being used today to solve urgent problems and make our lives better. What needs to be done to maximize its benefits and minimize its downsides.


Wednesday, October 26
Thursday, October 27

Cutting-edge work from around the world: academia, corporate, and national laboratories. All the key areas of bottom-up, molecular nanotechnology.



Join us for six days dedicated to cutting-edge nanotechnology. Three stand-alone, complimentary sessions – Vision, Applications & Policy, and Research – are designed to give both veterans and newcomers a thorough understanding of the most important goals for nanotech, the Foresight Nanotechnology Challenges:

  1. Meeting global energy needs with clean solutions
  2. Providing abundant clean water globally
  3. Increasing the health and longevity of human life
  4. Maximizing the productivity of agriculture
  5. Making powerful information technology available everywhere
  6. Enabling the development of space

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the potential of nanotechnology, understand critical applications and policy opportunities, and explore the most advanced technical research.

Download Conference brochure as PDF file. Requires Acrobat Reader by Adobe.


Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23

The Foresight Vision Weekend is THE place where ideas generated today lead to future realities tomorrow. This annual event offers a rare opportunity to hear world-class speakers discuss the future of nanotechnology candidly and off-the-record. Opening with a reception on Saturday night, the brainstorming continues all day Sunday. Bring your own version of nanotechnology's future and join this mixture of executives, engineers, researchers, investors, writers, artists, and futurists. Attendance is exclusive to Foresight participating members. We encourage individuals interested in how nanotechnology will change the world to become a member and share their voice. Contact Foresight at about becoming a member or join online here.


Monday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 25

Focuses on critical applications that address the Foresight Nanotechnology Challenges and serve as the stepping-stones toward advanced nanotechnology, along with current public policies and strategies that need to be adopted to ensure that the nanotechnology revolution will unfold for the benefit of all. Speakers will address current applications and coming prospects in the following areas: energy, water purification, health and longevity, agriculture, information technology, and space development. Policy topics include building public trust, aiding the poor, intellectual property regimes, evaluating government nanotech initiatives, and environmental, health, and safety issues.

These sessions are tailored for: executives, investors, planners, policy professionals, public interest and government representatives, professional/trade association representatives, economic development officers, researchers, technologists, and the general public.


Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27

The Foresight Nanotech Institute's first Conference on Nanotechnology, which pre-dated the National Nanotechnology Initiative by a decade, was the first comprehensive conference on the topic of nanotechology. Foresight-sponsored events continue to be the premiere venue for discussing new and innovative multidisciplinary research in nanotechnology. This meeting attracts researchers from academic, government, and corporate laboratories worldwide, and includes papers from the electronics, medical, computing, physics, chemistry, materials science, and biology communities. Foresight's 13th Conference will continue this level of excellence by providing a forum in which leaders from all disciplines delving into science and technology at the nanoscale can present and discuss their most recent results and ideas.

Researchers, technologists, and others who want to review the cutting edge of nanotechnology are encouraged to attend.


Christine Peterson, Foresight Nanotech Institute

Carl F. Kohrt, Battelle
Scott Mize, Foresight Nanotech Institute
James R. Von Ehr II, Zyvex
Charles E. Harris, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Christine Peterson, Foresight Nanotech Institute
Richard H. Smith, Nanoverse LLC
Charles M. Lieber, Harvard University
William A. Goddard III, Caltech
Hiroshi Yokoyama, AIST, Japan


K. Eric Drexler
Chief Technical Advisor, Nanorex
>> Read More
William Shih
Harvard University
>> Read More
Derrick Boston
Guth Christopher LLP
>> Read More
Kevin McGovern
Chairman, McGovern & Associates
>> Read More
Fred Tepper
President, Argonide
>> Read More
Sharon Smith
Director of Technology, Lockheed Martin
>> Read More
Andrew Wahl
Managing Director, IG Partners
>> Read More
Michael Laine
President, Liftport
>> Read More
Adam Werbach
>> Read More
Aubrey de Grey
University of Cambridge, UK
>> Read More
Scott Mize
President, Foresight Nanotech Institute
>> Read More
Peter Diamandis
Chairman, Founder and President,
X Prize Foundation
>> Read More
Richard Smith
President, Nanotech-nology Network
>> Read More
Christine Peterson
Founder and VP Public Policy, Foresight Nanotech Inst.
>> Read More
Richard Jones
University of Sheffield, UK
>> Read More
Bob Hambrecht
Managing Director, WR Hambrecht + Co.
>> Read More
Michael Lesnick
Senior Partner, Meridian Institute
>> Read More
Ralph Merkle
Georgia Tech
>> Read More
Clark Gellings
VP Innovation, Electric Power Research Institute
>> Read More
Maria Swiatek
Partner, Dorsey & Whitney
>> Read More
Aaron Wagner
Director R&D, NaturalNano
>> Read More
Richard Ekstrom
Special Counsel, Buchanan Ingersoll
>> Read More
Norman Scott
Cornell University
>> Read More
Volker Rieke
German Embassy
>> Read More
David Forrest
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
>> Read More
Robert Berry
CEO, Dendritic Nano-Technologies
>> Read More
William Lee
President and CEO, eMembrane
>> Read More
BJ Stanbery
BJ StanberyCEO, HelioVolt
>> Read More
Alan Goldstein
Alan GoldsteinAlfred University
>> Read More
Ron Bailey

Ron BaileyScience Correspondent, Reason Magazine
>> Read More
Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
>> Read More
Carl F. Kohrt
CEO, Battelle
>> Read More
Mike Honda

Congressman Mike HondaDNC Vice Chair
>> Read More
George Atkinson
Science & Tech. Adviser to U.S. Secretary of State
>> Read More
Floyd Kvamme
Co-Chair, President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
>> Read More
Peter Singer
Director, U. Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics
>> Read More
Michael Weiner
CEO, Biophan Tech-nologies Inc.
>> Read More
William Goddard, III
>> Read More
Mark Lemley
Stanford University
>> Read More
Don McConnell
Don McConnellSenior VP, Battelle
>> Read More
Michael Moe
Chairman and CEO, Think-Equity Partners
>> Read More
Steve Mayo
>> Read More
Ray Rothrock
Managing General Partner, Venrock Associates
>> Read More
Scott Hubbard
Director, Ames Research Center
>> Read More
Tom Kalil
UC Berkeley
>> Read More
Z.L. Wang
Georgia Tech
>> Read More
David Bishop
VP Nanotech-nology, Lucent
>> Read More
Teri Odom
North-western University
>> Read More
Roy Bar-Ziv
Weizmann Inst. of Science, Israel
>> Read More
Michael Pak
Chairman and CEO Nexnergy
>> Read More
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Nanotech-nology Research Institute, AIST, Japan
>> Read More
Malcolm O'Neill
VP and CTO, Lockheed Martin
>> Read More
Alex Zettl
UC Berkeley
>> Read More
Christian Schafmeister
University of Pittsburgh
>> Read More
Randy Hayes
Founder, Rainforest Action Network
>> Read More
Jim Von Ehr
Founder, Chairman, CEO, Zyvex
>> Read More
Charles Harris
Chairman and CEO, Harris & Harris
>> Read More
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