What your donation allows us to do: Foresight Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is entirely funded by your donations. As a Patron or Sponsor, your donation directly supports the project generation in our year-long virtual groups to advance health extension, molecular machines, and intelligent cooperation. 

  1. Foresight Biotechnology & Health Group: This group of biotechnology experts and investors focuses on advancing foundational progress in science and technology to guarantee long, healthy lives for humans.

  2. Foresight Molecular Machines Group: This group of nanotechnology-focused scientists cooperates to spur long-term progress on molecular machines and the creation of atomically precise applications in energy, medicine, and materials science. 

  3. Foresight Intelligent Cooperation Group: This group of experts in computer science, cryptography, AI and related fields focuses on advancing applications that increase cooperation among human and emerging intelligences and defend against digital and physical threats.

Participate in your donation at work: We invite you to become an active part of our community of scientists and technologists who push the limit of what civilization is capable of doing. Our different membership options can be found below.

There are many ways to donate:

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Thank you on behalf of our staff, board, and volunteers.

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Membership Options

$250 Senior Associate

  • Your donation directly funds the work of scientists and activists to work toward flourishing futures in our Existential Hope track. We invite you to join this group’s monthly meetings and project development.
  • We invite you to join us at Vision Weekend, Foresight’s Yearly Member Gathering
Become a senior associate (PayPal)

$5-15K Patron

  • Your donation directly funds the work of our private strategy groups to advance biotechnology for health extension, nanotechnology for the development of molecular machines, and computer science for intelligent cooperation. We invite you to join one or all of these group’s monthly meetings and project development.

  • We will schedule a virtual meeting with you to learn about your priorities
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BECOME Patron (Direct Payment)

$20-50K Sponsor

  • Your donation funds the project development in our groups and the work of a Foresight fellow of your choice. As a sponsor of a group, we invite you to design a group meeting with us to explore your topic and have your organization represented in the group title, including visibility at all meetings, videos, and communications. 
  • + Option to add Cash/Crypto Prize, awarded at the end of the year for projects generated within the group, turning the group into a collaborative accelerator.
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