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Are you in Davos for the World Economic Forum this week?

Join us for “AI Lunch: Maps for Investment, Safety, and Geopolitics.”

January 23, 1-2 PM, Hotel Seehof, Davos


• Luke Nosek – cofounder of PayPal

• Jaan Tallinn – cofounder of Skype

• Samo Burja – founder of Bismarck Analysis

• Moderator: Allison Dman – Foresight Institute

Over complimentary lunch, each speaker will give brief opening remarks and then lead a small discussion group.

Luke Nosek’s group will discuss the AI investment landscape from a venture capitalist’s perspective.

Jaan Tallinn’s group will cover current efforts to address the global catastrophic risks posed by advanced machine intelligence.

Samo Burja’s group will explore the modern geopolitical power landscape around transformative new technologies, such as AI, with history as a backdrop.

To RSVP, email mailto:info@ledgerstate.io with subject line “RSVP for lunch.

This lunch is brought to you by Foresight Institute, Reserve, and Ledgerstate
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