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Under the Radar: Context, Controversies, Cooperation

Find the program and speaker list on Vision Weekend’s page .

We invite a group of individuals whose thinking we now need more than ever to direct our attention to a crucial idea that is flying under the radar. Ideas are presented and discussed on Saturday and opened up for prototyping on Sunday. The future is a collaborative effort, and it should be fun: To encourage cooperation at scale, we invite our favorite organizations into the mix and allow plenty of opportunities to connect in a beautiful setting that invites for meaningful conversation.

Saturday, Nov 2, 9 am – 6 pm @The Internet Archive, SF


Invited thinkers provide context on their alternative take on approaching humanity’s greatest challenges. If you could focus your energy, time, and effort on one thing, what would it be?


Each talk is opened up for discussion, led by a panel of three fellow speakers, followed by questions from participants. Why is or isn’t this idea worth throwing our heart at?

Sunday, Nov 3, 9 am – 6 pm @The Laundry SF


We split up into parallel groups to cooperate in taking idea Saturday’s ideas from theory to action. What can we do today to work ahead? Who needs to be engaged? How?


Vision Weekend is Foresight’s annual members-only gathering.

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