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What a pleasure it was to organize this strategy meeting on AGI Coordination with this excellent group – white paper coming soon! 


Olga Afanasjeva – Good AI

Stuart Armstrong – Future of Humanity Institute

Seth Baum – Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Haydn Belfield – Centre for the Study of Existential RiskRob Bensinger – Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Malo Bourgon – Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Niel Bowerman – 80,000 Hours

Ryan Braley – Lightbend

Tom Brown – Google Brain

Samo Burja – Bismarck Analysis

Ryan Carey – Ought, Foresight Fellow

Betsy Cooper – Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity

Owen Cotton-Barratt – Future of Humanity Institute

Miron Cuperman – Base Zero

Jessica Cussins – Future of Life Institute, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity

Jeffrey Ding – Future of Humanity Institute

Allison Duettmann – Foresight Institute

Peter Eckersley – Electronic Frontier Foundation

Kevin Fischer – Crypto Lotus

Carrick Flynn – Future of Humanity Institute

Benjamin Garfinkel – Future of Humanity Institute

Melody Guan – Stanford

Geoffrey Irving – OpenAI

De Kai – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Alex Kotran – AI Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

Victoria Krakovna – DeepMind

Janos Kramar – DeepMind

Tony Lai – Legal.io

Jade Leung – Future of Humanity Institute

Matthew Liston – ConsenSys

Terah Lyons – Partnership on AI

Matthijs Maas – FLI,  Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Richard Mallah – Future of Life Institute

Fiona Mangan – Justice and Security in Transitions

Tegan McCaslin – AI Impacts

Joe McReynolds – China Security Studies Fellow, Jamestown Foundation

Eric Michaud – Rift Recon

Mark Miller – Foresight Institute,  Agoric

Ali Mosleh – John Garrick Institute for the Risk Sciences

Mark Nitzberg – Center for Human Compatible AI

Jim O’Neill – Mithril Capital

Catherine Olsson – Google Brain

Michael Page – OpenAI

Christine Peterson – Foresight Institute

Peter Scheyer – Foresight Fellow

Carl Shulman – Future of Humanity Institute

Tanya Singh – Future of Humanity Institute

Jaan Tallinn – Future of Life Institute, Center for the Study of Existential Risk

Alyssa Vance – Apprente

Lou Viquerat de Kerhuelvez – Foresight Institute

Michael Webb – Stanford

Qiang Xiao – School of Information UC Berkeley, China Digital Times

Mimee Xu – UnifyID

Roman Yampolskiy – University of Louisville, Foresight Fellow