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AI for Atomic Precision: Design Software for Molecular Machines is an invitational, fast-paced interactive workshop in Silicon Valley, targeted at generating new insights, new projects, and new funding for the goal of applying advanced computer science to the challenges of atomic precision.

A multidisciplinary group of software specialists will collaborate with those tackling the challenges of constructing atomically-precise 3D structures, including pathways using chemistry, applied physics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and engineering.

Areas to be addressed include complex structures built via organic and inorganic synthesis; objects and devices constructed from DNA, RNA, proteins, or biomimetic polymers; construction via scanning probe; and other approaches to building with increasing precision from the bottom up.

To encourage cutting-edge discussion, we’ll be following the Chatham House Rule for the majority of the event. This will allow you to speak freely on any topic without concern that your comments might be attributed to you without your express permission. The final white paper may contain a list of participants and their affiliations.

Video and white paper coming soon. 

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