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A multidisciplinary group of specialists in healthspan and longevity research will collaborate with those tackling the challenges of atomically-precise 3D structures and molecular machines, including construction pathways using chemistry, applied physics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and engineering.

Areas to be addressed include furthering the human healthspan via the design and construction of complex structures and molecular machines built via organic and inorganic synthesis; objects and devices constructed from DNA, RNA, proteins, or biomimetic polymers; construction via scanning probe; and other approaches to building with increasing precision from the bottom up.

Learn more on the workshop website.


Report and videos coming soon. 

Thank you to everyone who matched this outstanding challenge with outstanding work:

Demir Atkin, Center for Cancer Nanotechnology, Stanford
Joshua Ballard, Zyvex Labs
Jonathan Barnes, Dept. of Chemistry, Washington Univ.
Jeremy Barton, Nanofactory Corporation
Chuyang Cheng, Dept. of Chemistry, Northwestern Univ.
Paul Cherukuri, Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering, Rice Univ.
Laura Deming, The Longevity Fund
Martin Edelstein, Covalent/ Agua Via
David Forrest, Department of Energy, Advanced Manufacturing Office
John Furber, Legendary Pharma
Steve Fowkes, Nanopolymer Systems
Giovanna Ghirlanda, Molecular Sciences, Arizona
William A Goddard, III, Caltech, Dept. of Chemistry, Materials Science, and Applied Physics
Ashwin Gopinath, Bioeng/Bio, Caltech
Tanya Jones, Arigos Biomedical
Kent Kemmish, Stealth Biotech
James B. Lewis, Foresight Institute
Clinton (Cosmo) Mielke, Project Infinome
Stephanie Morris, NCI, NIH
JD Northrup, Chemistry, Temple University
Ravi Pandya, Cancer Genomics, Microsoft
Gayle Pergamit, Covalent/Agua Via
Kevin Perrott, SENS Research Foundation, & Buck Institute
Jed W. Pitera, Almaden Research Center, IBM
Hai Qian, Chem, Dartmouth College
Shivana Sharmi, Calif Nanosyst Inst, UCLA
William Shih, Bio Chem & Molec Pharma, Harvard
Michael Skuhersky, MIT Media Lab
Nelson Teng MD, Oncology, Stanford
Jonathan Ward, Rigetti Computation