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Hosted by Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute:

I created an index of items that inspire a positive long-term vision for humanity – one with existential hope. The list is for everyone who wants to improve the world but doesn’t know where to start, including general readings on everything from transhumanism to existential risks, and a toolkit to act on. The difference is that it lays out a vision of why we should care about the future: it focuses on Utopia, and why it’s neither impossible nor boring. The list is in its infancy, so I would love to spend an evening to discuss 

– Your favorite readings, fiction, and non-fiction, general and topic-specific
– Useful tools for world-improvement you’ve come across
– Podcasts that motivate you
– Organizations you’re a member of
– Websites you sift through
– Good people you follow
– Action-items and advice for change

Let’s pool our knowledge & hope, index it, and act on it.


Thank you so much to everyone who blew my mind at the salon. I’m already baffled by your invaluable contributions and I’m grateful for any input on the index marching forward:  https://goo.gl/ekxqQ5

– Everyone has commenting rights – please comment on any doc about the many items that are missing. If you want credit for your input, mention it in the comment.

– If you’d like to join a focus group to a section or start a new section, please message me and I’ll give you editing rights. If you’d like to nominate someone to join a focus group, message me, too!

– You’re welcome to share this index with everyone who can derive value from it, or add value to it.

I’m moved by your ideas and hopeful for the future of Existential Hope. I’m planning a follow-up salon to take stock of the progress soon and bought the domain existentialhope.com if the index warrants a website.

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