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From Seasteading to YCombinator, to Sidewalk labs, Silicon Valley has thought a lot about improving governance and new cities. These dreams are finally moving into reality, as dirt is being moved, new cities are being built, and governance is being improved. Come join us for a discussion about what it means to create a new city from scratch, to create a new legal system from scratch, and how combining the two can help alleviate global poverty, accelerate technological innovation, and create the conditions for general human flourishing.
Dr. Mark Lutter is Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Innovative Governance Research, a think tank dedicated to researching charter cities, special economic zones, and other forms of political decentralization. Prior to launching the Center for Innovative Governance Research, he was Lead Economist for NeWAY Capital, an asset management firm which made early stage investments in charter cities. During graduate school, he consulted on several new city projects and special economic zones. He has a PhD in economics from George Mason University where his research focused on charter cities. He has been published in several newspapers and magazines including CityAM, the Daily Caller, and Cato Unbound. His writing has been translated into three languages.
Mwiya Musokotwane is a Managing Partner and Co-founder at Frontier Capital Partners (“FCP”); an Africa focused investor in real assets, including new cities along with the technology, infrastructure and real estate that are required to make them sustainable and liveable. As co-founder of the Nkwashi City Development, he has built a real estate platform worth US$326 million and an expected completion value of US$1.5 billion, starting with an initial $1.5 million in invested assets. Mwiya is a member of Forbes Africa’s 2018 under 30 list of young business persons. FCP intends to rollout several new city developments across Africa and Asia.

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