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David Eagleman and  Arvind Gupta for IndieBio, Allsion Duettmann and LouViquerat for Foresight Institute join for an evening to explore the path forward for human biology.
Intro: Making the most of our humanity – Allison Duettmann
Part I: Roadmapping the future of Humanity – David Eagleman, Arvind Gupta, Lou Viquerat
Part II: An ethical framework for human biology – David Eagleman, Arvind Gupta, Allison Duettmann
The evening has two practical purposes: 1/ laying out a roadmap of biotech and neurotech in order to 2/ establish an ethical framework that will guide the development of those technologies in the very near future. All participants are encouraged to inform the discussion around building the ethical framework – help us guide the change you wish to see in human biology.
The evening will be divided into 5 sections:
Intro: Making the most of humanity – Allison Duettmann
A roadmap for biotechnology – a discussion with Arvind Gupta
A roadmap for neurotechnology – a discussion with David Eagleman
An ethical framework for bio & neurotech – full panel
Conclusion: Action-items moving forward – full panel
About David Eagleman: David Eagleman is a neuroscientist, an internationally bestselling author, a Guggenheim Fellow, and an adjunct professor at Stanford University. He is the writer and presenter of The Brain, an Emmy-nominated television series on PBS and BBC. Dr. Eagleman’s areas of research include sensory substitution, time perception, vision, and synesthesia; he also studies the intersection of neuroscience with the legal system, and in that capacity he directs the Center for Science and Law. Eagleman is the author of many books, including The Runaway Species, The Brain, Incognito, and Wednesday is Indigo Blue. He is also the author of a widely adopted textbook on cognitive neuroscience, Brain and Behavior, as well as a bestselling book of literary fiction, Sum, which has been translated into 32 languages, turned into two operas, and named a Best Book of the Year by Barnes and Noble. Dr. Eagleman writes for the Atlantic, New York Times, Discover Magazine, Slate, Wired, and New Scientist, and appears regularly on National Public Radio and BBC to discuss both science and literature. He has been a TED speaker, a guest on the Colbert Report, and profiled in the New Yorker magazine. He has spun several companies out of his lab, including NeoSensory, a company which uses haptics for sensory substitution and addition.
About Arvind Gupta: Arvind founded IndieBio, the world’s largest biotech program based seed fund. Using a blend of scientific method and design thinking Arvind and the IndieBio team funds startups that can impact over a billion people or address markets over a billion dollars.
Beginning his professional life as an options market maker in the Pacific Coast Exchange in the Microsoft pit, Arvind left trading in search of a career with deeper meaning. Arvind set out and discovered design when IDEO hired him. As a design director of product development and strategy at IDEO, he led the team that designed the Samsung Galaxy Curve, amassed 8 patents, received many international design awards and moved to Shanghai to build the Asia product design team. Further, Arvind co-founded Starters, a personal fitness app that gained thousands of users in 98 countries. Joining SOSV in 2013, Arvind became a venture capitalist to invest in biotech and deep science technologies including AR/VR and new user interfaces. He is a regular speaker at TEDx, TechCrunch Disrupt, Slush conference, Startup Iceland and SFMOMA among others. His writing appears in Nature, Rotman, Forbes and Design Observer. He has been awarded 8 US Patents and has had his work in the SF Museum of Modern Art. Arvind received his B.S. in Genetic Engineering from UCSB and studied Industrial Design at SFSU. Arvind is married with two daughters. He is 2016 world champion in No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has climbed El Capitan and other big walls, was a BASE Jumper and big wave surfer. He is currently trains MMA and BJJ.

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