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Mark S. Miller, Google 
Zooko Wilcox, Zcash
Brian Warner, Tahoe-LAFS
Jorge Lopez, Economic Space Agency
Arthur Breitman, Tezos

Michael Casey, MIT Digital Currency Initiative 

Join us this 3rd of July as we explore how blockchain technologies can leverage the secure computation model of object-capabilities to expand its reach, capacity, and interoperability towards open web platforms and open web infrastructure. This is a conversation around how – without forsaking security and data sovereignty – we can usher in an unexplored era of human collaboration.

We are bringing together the leading minds in the fields of blockchain and object-capabilities in an open conversation on the future of both technologies. Blockchains provide trustless third parties and the ability to operate smart contracts on a public ledger. Object-capabilities is based on transmitting tokens of authorities and rights that allow token-holder the ability to securely perform operations in a distributed system that is private, granular, and scalable.

The current cyber-security environment is a patchwork. With the increase in cyber-attacks on our fragile web infrastructure, blockchains make compromising information incredibly expensive through massive replication of data. Capabilities extend the promise of security through more light-weight mechanisms such as “Proof of Authority” and greater decentralization at the application layer. If Bitcoin is a shared global spreadsheet and Ethereum is a global computer, Capabilities has the promise to provide an operating fabric that can bring on the networked PC revolution of distributed computing.

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