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We must remove a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 50 years in order to stop runaway climate warming. We need rapidly implementable, incentivized, and politically feasible solutions to climate change.

Maddie Hall and Patrick Mellor have a strategy to profitably remove CO2 from the atmosphere at the billion tons scale: Supertrees with more efficient CO2 uptake, used to make timber so that carbon remains sequestrated.

How will it work exactly? At what scalewill this strategy help with drawdown? Will it be enough? What are the risks and known unknowns of such strategy? Are they worth being taken?

— Join Foresight Institute at Starfish Mission – Emerging Tech Coworking Space on January 30, find out, challenge our guests speakers, contribute to the discussion. This is, as always, a participative salon. Members of Foresight’s community know a lot and are not shy to engage. We expect a lively discussion!


We hope to see you there!