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Robin Hanson @ Foresight Institute

An interactive evening with Robin Hanson – pioneer in rigorous futurism, Economics professor, Future of Humanity Institute Research Associate, and founder of OvercomingBias. Robin will discuss his newest book, “The Elephant In The Brain”, and his celebrated classic “The Age Of EM: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule The Earth”, before opening the floor up for an extensive Q&A.

The Elephant in the Brain
“If you want to know what makes people tick, read The Elephant in the Brain. Simler and Hanson have created the most comprehensive, powerful, unified explanation of human natural behaviour to date.” — Jason Brennan, Professor of Business, Georgetown University

The Age Of EM
“This hellish cyberworld is quite cool to think about in a dystopian Matrixy way. … brilliantly weird extrapolations” – Steven Poole, The Guardian