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A twice-a-day, free, global online salon on COVID-19 in the context of positive long-term futures.

“Only a crisis‐actual or perceived‐produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around” Milton Friedman. Let’s pick up those ideas!”


  • Creating community for isolating folks across the globe and connecting on shared topics of interest
  • Making sense of COVID-19 and surface projects in need of support
  • Leveraging the current crisis for change toward long-term beneficial futures

How it works:

The salons are daily at 9am PT to allow Europe & co to join, and 6 pm PT to allow Asia & co to join.

Join us via this Zoom link: http://bit.ly/foresightsanitypreserver

Check out the schedule and add yourself to collaboration tab: bit.ly/sanityschedule

Apply to host a salon: http://bit.ly/sanityspeakers

Add the salons to your Google calendar to keep track of time zone differences:


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We can have up to 100 people on a call, from across the globe, and across age ranges.

A selection of topics

  • Existential Risk Opportunities from COVID-19, Jaan Tallinn, CSER, FLI
  • Authoritarianism & COVID-19 | Alex Gladstein, Human Rights Foundation
  • Reasons for COVID-19 “Optimism” | Matt Bell, Matterport
  • Community Safety Net Fund | Jonathan Cain, Velorum Capital
  • Health Tips for COVID-19 | Nell Watson, COVID-19 Taskforce
  • Prompts for Connection | Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute

What’s up next:

  • What The CDC is not Telling You | Steve Fowkes
  • The Pseudo-Time Arrow | Andres Gomez, Qualia Research Institute
  • Lessons from Hong Kong | De Kai Wu, HKUST
  • SARS-CoV-2 | Jim O’Neill, SENS Research Foundation
  • “The Renaissance Came from the Plague” | Tyler Alterman
  • TBD | Lydia Laurenson, New Modality
  • Pronomos: Better Cities, Better Laws | Patri Friedman, Pronomos Capital
  • Rapid Production of Human Antibodies Using an Externalized Human Immune System | Melanie Matheu, Prellis
  • Voluntary Cooperation vs. Top-down Control to Manage Crises | Mark, Christine, Allison, Foresight
  • Introduction to Agoric Smart Contracts | Dean Tribble, Agoric
  • Considering Deliberate Exposure | Robin Hanson, George Mason University
  • Grand Futures: The Very Long Run & Now | Anders Sandberg, FHI
  • Potential Upsides of COVID-19 | Creon Levit, Planet Labs
  • Managing Public Opinion in Crises and Disasters | Kimberly Osborne, University of Georgia, DoD

We would be grateful if you could point me to people who

Have COVID-19 projects in need of support that would benefit from exposure in this salon
Know folks who can benefit others by making sense of the situation or pointing to positive ways out
[Have a talent for making people feel safe and cared for]

We hope to see many of you up to twice a day now.

Please share the salon with others who may benefit from it.