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The Great Debates of our Time

Summary of the event

We’re all seeing impressive developments. But the future is not determined. The ink isn’t dry. What should humanity’s path look like? Foresight is bringing together the brightest minds to fight it out in exciting interactive debates covering critical topics from longevity to crypto-currency, from AI to designer babies, and from new governance to X-risks. Join our roundtable discussions, sample the foods of the future and connect with each other.

Our goal is to engage both the public and industry leaders in important conversations that may otherwise not be had.


Tomorrow And The Day After

Long-term thinking, X-Risk, Moore’s Law

Bryan Johnson, Founder of Kernel, Braintree and the O/S Fund
Richard Titus, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics
Julia Bossmann, President of Foresight Institute
Nichol Bradford, Co-Founder of the Transformative Technology Lab
Ryan Bethencourt, Program Director & Venture Partner at IndieBio
Moderator: James Norris, Self Spark, Bay Area Futurists Organizer
Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Drop Everything to Work on AI

Safety First?, Approaches, Predictions

Peter Voss, Head of AGI Innovations Inc
Steve Omohundro, President, Possibility Research
Monica Anderson, Director of Research at Syntience Inc
Michael Andregg, Co-Founder and CSO at Fathom Computing
Moderator: David Yanofsky, Reporter at Quartz
Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Life: Longer And Better

Longevity, Bio & Nanotechnology, Neuroscience

Dr. Joon Yun, President of Palo Alto Investors, founder of The Palo Alto Prize
Dr. David Eagleman, Neuroscientist at Stanford, author of PBS series The Brain with David Eagleman
Dr. Ralph Merkle, Co-founder of Nanofactory Collaboration, Faculty at Singularity University, Director of Alcor
Joe Betts-Lacroix, Co-Founder at Vium
Tanya Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Arigos Biomedical
Moderator: Christine Peterson, Co-founder, former President of Foresight Institute
Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute


Goodbye Nation- States

Blockchain, Alternative Societies, Universal Basic Income

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger at the Linux Foundation
Simone Syed, Founder and Managing Partner at Velorum Capital, Co-Founder of BIL Conference
Jim O’Neill, Co-Founder of the Thiel Fellowship, Managing Director Mithril
Danielle Fong, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist at LightSail Energy
Moderator: Riva Melissa-Tez, Managing Partner at Permutation Ventures
Intro: Allison Duettmann, Foresight Institute

Photos can be accessed on the event Facebook page.
For a quick overview of the event, see Alton Sun’s notes.

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