2011 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference Follow-Up

June 25-26, 2011, Mountain View, California

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Archived webcast of June 25-26 conference

Thanks to all for a successful summer conference! We’re still hearing about some great connections and synergies made at the gathering that will help further transformative nanotech. With the addition of NASA-Ames Singularity University grad students, as well as 20Under20 Thiel Fellows, there was standing room only on Sunday afternoon; we intimately filled the 236-occupant venue room, with overflow chat in the hall ‘Alley’. Some quotes that rolled in just hours after the conference was over:

  • “Great weekend spent with brilliant minds sharing their plans and hopes for nanotech in the future.” —Louise Gold, Institute for Optimal Living
  • “Excellent speakers and a great opportunity to share ideas with like-minded attendees.” —Stephen Fowkes, Nanopolymer Systems
  • “Great conference, and especially a great set of speakers!” —Bruce Smith, Nanorex
  • “Engaging for me, a good two days. Well worth the time and money.” —Robert Chew, Private Investor, Singapore
  • “One of the best I have attended – informative, interesting, and definitely worth the trip.” —Ravi Pandya, MS Seattle, donor since 1990
  • “Awesome conference. Just about all presentations were top notch. Please keep doing this.” —Peter Voss, Smart Action AI
  • “Awesome conference, great discussions with very interesting people!” —Dr. Randal Koene, Halcyon Molecular
  • “A very meaty program (with very healthy snacks!)” —John Chisholm, CEO
  • “Had an awesome time! +++ will visit another conference from this team!” —Paul Bohm, Founder of Mjam GmbH & BBQ
  • “Inspiring!” —Lerwin Liu, Nanostart and Zyvex Asia
  • “Best meeting of minds I’ve ever been a part of.” —David Atkins-Maters, Nanomaterials & Nanomedicine Research Lab, UCSD

Want to see the video? We’re in the process of putting together more elegant video for the conference, but in the meantime you can see recordings of the free webcast via Ustream (with ads) here:

Photos have been posted by Eric Messick here!http://www.syzygy.com/images/2011.06.24_Foresight_25th/images/index.html

Special Thanks again to all the fantastic speakers, supporters, sponsors and also especially volunteers, notably including: Monica Anderson, Chris Rasch, Max Marty, Michael Anissimov, Miron Cuperman, Chris Hibbert, Eric Messick, Peter Norvig and all the Google staff for making a wonderful event.

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