2004 Foresight Institute Prize in Communication

for excellence in educating the public and R&D community on emerging technologies

Nominations are due by July 31, 2004

Winner of 2004 Prize Announced

The Foresight Institute Prize in Communication was awarded to Howard Lovy, nanotechnology journalist and author of the popular NanoBot Blog. Lovy has taken a leading role in educating the nanotechnology community about the long-term potential of molecular nanotechnology. He brings a balanced voice to the short-term and long-term nanotechnology debate and urges the community to keep an open mind about the issues and potential promise of molecular nanotechnology.

Howard Lovy and Scott Mize Nanotechnology journalist and popular blogger Howard Lovy (left) receives the Foresight Institute Prize in Communication from Foresight President Scott Mize.
Howard Lovy, David Baker, Homme Hellinga, Damian Allis Howard Lovy (left), winner of the Foresight Prize in Communication, flanks Foresight Institute Feynman Prize winners Homme Hellinga (Experimental, left of center) and David Baker (Theory, right center), with the winner of the Foresight Distinguished Student Award Damian Allis on the right.

See also Foresight’s press release Foresight Institute Awards Feynman Prizes: Nanotechnology Researchers, Journalist and Student Honored at Advanced Nanotechnology Conference


About the Prize

This award recognizes outstanding journalistic or other communication endeavors that lead to a better public understanding of molecular nanotechnology or other key emerging technologies of high social or environmental impact.

By offering this Prize, Foresight hopes to encourage continued responsible coverage of molecular nanotechnology and other emerging technologies as a means for engaging the public in dialogue leading to improved public policy on these important issues.

The award recipient must accept in person at the Feynman Awards Banquet at the 1st Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology: Research, Applications, and Policy, to be held October 22-24, 2004, at the Crystal City Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC. The winner will receive complimentary full registration including banquet, coach airfare and up to 3 nights hotel (arranged by Foresight Institute, Sat. night stay required).

Special thanks go to the law firm of Millstein & Taylor, PC, which underwrites the Prize, and to Foresight Senior Associate Larry Millstein of that firm, who initiated this program.


Selection Criteria

Submissions will be judged on their quality in portraying subjects, themes, or incidents, or on their editorial content. They may include an individual presentation or a series of presentations that lead to a better public understanding of the contributions necessary to the development of molecular nanotechnology or other key emerging technologies of high social or environmental impact. Submissions are limited to nonfiction: print and broadcast media, including books, Internet, and film.

In general, priority will be given to those entries which display clear, unbiased, and imaginative writing and production content that lifts the story out of the routine category and gives the reader greater insight regarding the topic covered.

Preferred submissions will have:

  • Accurately and thoroughly described the underlying project or issue, including balanced treatment of technological benefits and potential risks;
  • Effectively explained how the molecular nanotechnology or other emerging technology project, or the outcome of a particular issue, will benefit the community;
  • Covered all sides of the issue fairly, in cases of controversy;
  • Clearly described the molecular nanotechnologist’s or other researcher’s role (Examples: How did researchers contribute to the project’s completion? How did researchers influence the positive outcome of key developmental issue, an environmental issue, or critical legislation?);
  • Advanced public knowledge and understanding of molecular nanotechnology or other emerging technology, our issues, and the challenges of the profession.

Entry quality will be judged on the basis of accuracy, objectivity, scope, content, and appeal.

A panel will be appointed annually by the President and Executive Director of Foresight Institute to evaluate submissions and will consist of five or more persons respected in the fields of molecular nanotechnology or other emerging technologies, at least one of whom shall also be experienced in journalism.

This panel shall select the submission that, in their judgment, best fulfills the objective, as well as two alternates. It shall include an explanation of its decision. The recommendation will then be reviewed by the Foresight Institute Board of Directors for final approval.


Nomination Procedures — deadline July 31, 2004

Nominations may be submitted by any interested individual or by the publisher, author, radio or television station, responsible for the effort.

The nomination must include either:

  1. complete identification and a copy of the article (with the necessary permission to display the piece at the Awards Banquet, should it be selected as a finalist); or
  2. complete identification of the media piece, with location and time presented, and submission of tapes, URLs, transcripts or other reasonable evidence that may be used by the panel in judging, accompanied by a 50-100 word summary of what the basic subject is and why the piece meets the objectives in an outstanding way.

The article or presentation must have been published, aired, or heard in the three calendar years preceding the submissions, which must be received no later than July 31, 2004.

It is strongly encouraged that nominations include the potential winner’s bio and list of previous work, with URLs as available.

Foresight requests that email and URLs be used as extensively as possible in all submissions.

Materials should be emailed (preferably), faxed, or mailed to:
Attn: Communications Prize
Foresight Institute
PO Box 61058
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
tel +1 650 917 1122
fax +1 650 917 1123
email: [email protected]