2006 Foresight Institute Prize in Communication

for excellence in educating the public and R&D community on emerging technologies

Submissions/nominations due June 30, 2006

Winner of 2006 Prize Announced

John Storrs Hall

The Foresight Institute Prize in Communication was awarded to Dr. John Storrs Hall, an independent researcher and author, for his recently published book Nanofuture: What’s Next For Nanotechnology. Hall has a PhD in computer science and has been exploring molecular manufacturing concepts since the 1980s. His book clearly explains the impact of molecular nanotechnology in a reader-friendly fashion. He presents vivid descriptions of what everyday life could be like in a future with molecular nanotechnology. Hall also founded and for many years moderated the sci.nanotech newsgroup, the first online discussion of nanotechnology. This prize was established in 2000 and is generously supported by the law firm Millstein & Taylor, PC.

About the Prize

This award recognizes outstanding journalistic or other communication endeavors that lead to a better public understanding of molecular nanotechnology or other key emerging technologies of high social or environmental impact.

By offering this Prize, Foresight hopes to encourage continued responsible coverage of molecular nanotechnology and other emerging technologies as a means for engaging the public in dialogue leading to improved public policy on these important issues.

Special thanks go to the law firm of Millstein & Taylor, PC, which underwrites the Prize, and to Foresight Senior Associate Larry Millstein of that firm, who initiated this program.

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