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Give the Gift of Foresight

You have the gift of foresight. That's why you're excited about the potential of nanotechnology. From providing clean water to fighting infectious diseases to meeting global energy needs, you know that this tiniest of technologies can offer tremendous benefits for humanity. And you're informed enough to be an active voice in how we should do it.

Now you can share this gift with your friends and colleagues this holiday season. Or, treat yourself to something meaningful. Until December 31, Foresight Nanotech Institute is offering membership at a discounted holiday rate.

molecular model of proposed planetary gear   proposed molecular mill drawing
20% Off $50 Basic Membership
Holiday Special: $40
  20% Off $250 Senior Associate Membership
Holiday Special: $200
Give a Basic Membership to a nanotechnology novice. Ignite the thrill of discovery for a friend, student or associate.   Become an equal voice with thought leaders shaping nanotechnology. Or, on your recommendation, a colleague can enjoy the same special rate.

Your Gift of Foresight recipient will receive a gift card from you welcoming him or her to Foresight, an outline of membership benefits, and a welcome packet of recent Foresight publications to get started. If you’re giving the gift of a Senior Associate membership, your recipient will also receive:

  • The book Nanofuture, by J. Storrs Hall, Foresight’s 2006 Communication Prize Winner
  • Copy of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report (while supplies last)
  • 50% discount off registration to IBF’s Nanotech Investing Forum 2006

It’s a unique gift that will be enjoyed all year, and each gift supports Foresight’s mission of promoting beneficial technology.

You spot the trends today before they become yesterday's news. You're prepared for a future when nanotechnology is used to manufacture a better life in homes all over our planet. Give a gift of knowledge and support your vision for an improved world: consider giving yourself or a friend the Gift of Foresight today.

Give the Gift of Foresight by downloading the attached registration form.

Registration Form PDF (132 K) to print and FAX or mail.

Holiday wishes,

Foresight Nanotech Institute
PO Box 61058
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA
tel +1 650 289.0860
fax +1 650.289.0863

P.S. Please share this offer with friends and colleagues on your personal e-mail list.

Special pricing expires on December 31, 2006, but act early so your best wishes are received in time for the holidays. Foresight Nanotech Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are deductible for US federal income tax purposes.


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