Longevity Investment Take-Off







6 pm NetworkingAperitifs and hors d’oeuvre in the heart of the beautiful Quadrus Conference Center
6.20 pm Panel

Each speaker is invited to give an opening statement on what, if anything, is different now that makes health extension technology such a promising investment opportunity?

  • Karl Pfleger, Aging Biotech, will speak on the trend of aging companies founded over the last 10 years and his excellent company portfolio overview
  • Nils Regge, Apollo Ventures, will speak on the role of emerging major VCs in the space and his projections of the industry 5-10 years out
  • Sonia Arrison, 100 Plus Capital, will speak on her investment philosophy and what societal changes we can expect and invest for now based on her book 100 Plus
  • Joe Betts-Lacroix, Vium, will speak on the market gap in the longevity industry that entrepreneurs and scientists should tackle when starting longevity companies
  • Aubrey de Grey, SENS Research Foundation, will speak on what future changes in public policy must go hand-in-hand with increased control of aging
7.00 pm Q&A

The panel is followed by an interactive Q&A between panel and audience:

  • Investment Tips: Exciting pathways and companies on the horizon — what new investors should know to navigate the space successfully — what warning signs can help distinguish a fountain of youth from snake oil companies
  • What’s Different: What changes in the investment landscape can we expect in the next 5-10 years — what bottlenecks may halt progress — how can we collaborate to grow a strong ecosystem
  • What’s Missing: Match-making of scientists + entrepreneurs + funders — mainstream rebuttals to aging trance — realistic and attractive post-aging scenarios
  • What would you like to know?
7.30 pm Aperitifs with Speakers

Join our speakers for an informal meet and greet, catch up with old friends or make new ones.

8.00 pm Community Announcements

Community Announcements: Short lightning talks from participants who can apply here to share a longevity project, or announcement with the group.

8.30 pm

Action items and sign-up to our shared spreadsheet for continued collaboration leading up to the next salons


Longevity Myth-Busting

with Aubrey de Grey

Biotech Investing in Longevity

with Mark Katakowski, Sonia Arrison, Sarah Constantin