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Senior Associates

Foresight's Senior Associates are a community working to guide nanotechnology to improve the human condition and the environment. Not content to take a passive role, they step up to actually participate in Foresight's work to maximize and spread the benefits of nanotech while minimizing its downsides.

Senior Associates come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and home countries. Most have some technical background and work in technology or science, but we also have members who are architects, artists, economists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, ethicists, full-time parents, futurists, investors, laborers, lawyers and law professors, management consultants, marketing, military, ministers, non-profit executives, philosophers, pilots, poets, PR professionals, professors, psychologists, sales, small business owners, sociologists, students, teachers, writers, venture capitalists, and a Viscount.

Most Senior Associates are based in the U.S., but a growing number of members come from around the world including Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, and the U.K.

All Senior Associates are encouraged to become actively involved in Foresight.

Vision Weekend

The Foresight Vision Weekend provides an "insider" forum where Senior Associates gather and explore current trends and future consequences of nanotechnology and other advanced technologies. Participants develop, evaluate, and discuss ideas ranging from today's research and commercialization to 30-year prospects. Formats are experimental, as is the guest list; other visionary groups are sometimes invited to join us.

Vision Weekends:


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