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Foresight Institute is always interested to hear from people who want to donate their time, skills, resources and enthusiasm to FI. Continue to refer to our volunteer/internship web page to review these opportunities.

If you have an interest in any of these volunteer opportunities, please forward a copy of your qualifications to When forwarding your qualifications, please be certain to reference which volunteer position you are selecting in the description line of the email.

Assisting with Foresight Youth Outreach

Summer/Fall 2012 Essay Contest & Literature Program

Foresight is launching an exciting new youth outreach program! We are targeting the top science, engineering, and entrepreneurially-oriented college clubs and gifted youth programs in the nation and sending out 300 sets of inspiring books on emerging technologies. Students will be incentivized to read, reflect, and contact us with their thoughts by entering our fall 2012 essay contest. Bookmarks and inserts will include information on the contest, our mission, as well as information on partner organizations such as SENS, Humanity+, and the Thiel Foundation's 20Under20 program.

Foresight is in the process of choosing books on nanotechnology to distribute in the program. If you'd like to vote on which book, please weigh in on our Facebook page. (Log into Facebook to vote). In addition, copies of Sonia Arrison's 100+, Aubrey de Grey's Ending Aging, and Peter Diamandis' Abundance have already been donated, and we are also working on securing copies of Ray Kurzweil's Singularity Is Near, and possibly Nick Bostrom's Global Catastrophic Risk.

Foresight welcomes hands, feet, brains, and voices to:

  • Suggest top-tier college clubs, STEM and gifted youth programs to add to our list
  • Verify info for & contact student groups (Just a few minutes of your internet time!)
  • Come to our book-boxing party in August! Likely date: 8/18-19, exact details TBD
  • Quality pro bono videography - shoot and edit promo video
  • Quality pro bono graphic design - for flyers & signs
  • Tracking down a large space for the bookboxing party, and 220 copies of Singularity Is Near
  • Once the website is up - spread the word online!

To get involved and for further information about Foresight contact our Director of Outreach and Development, Desiree Dudley (



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