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Message from Tim O'Reilly:

I'm holding a conference entitled "Building the Internet Operating System" May 13-16 in Santa Clara, CA. At the recent Foresight Senior Associates gathering, I realized that some of the themes of our conference (autonomic computing and self-healing systems, emergence, future trends) were very appropriate to your audience. As a result, I thought I should offer a substantial discount to Foresight associates as a way of evangelizing some of the key ideas we all share, and introducing two communities that have a lot of overlap.

The focus of the conference is the development of peer to peer networking, and web services as examples of the next generation software that will eventually form the framework for an emergent internet operating system.

Right now, I'm trying to get people to think further out about the implications of some of the technological changes that are upon us. Sun and Microsoft are gearing up for a battle to control next generation network computing architectures. What's important to me is that we build that next generation internet operating system in a way that supports participation, innovation and unintended consequences. This is a lot of what I've found fascinating about Unix, the internet, and open source software. So I'm trying to raise awareness of how the architecture of the systems we design can support participation by developers...or not.

Keynotes include Bob Morris of IBM on autonomic computing, Rick Rashid on Microsoft's vision of next generation operating systems, Larry Lessig on the Creative Commons, Steven Johnson on Emergence, Bruce Schnier on "Fixing Network Security by Hacking the Business Climate", and me on how hackers and other "alpha geeks" give us a sneak preview of the future. And of course lots of detailed sessions on individual technologies from p2p to web services, 802.11 community networks, and biological models for computation.


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