Foresight Institute

10th Anniversary 1986-1996

What People are Saying

A 10th anniversary celebration was held in Palo Alto on October 19, 1996,
to commemorate the publication of Engines of Creation and the founding of the Foresight Institute in 1986.

    Dr. Stanley Schmidt     William McDonough    
    John Kao     John Gilmore    
    Peter Schwartz     John Seely Brown    
    Don Lavoie     David Brin, Ph.D    
    Andy Hertzfeld     Sister Mercedes    
    Prof. Bart Kosko     Glenn Harlan Reynolds    
    Vernor Vinge     Robert W. Poole, Jr.    


Dr. Stanley Schmidt

"Engines of Creation is one of the most important books in recent memory, and the Foresight Institute the best tool we have for using its ideas wisely."
Dr. Stanley Schmidt, Editor of Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact magazine.

John Kao

"Nanotechnology is a promissory note on the future. As a discipline, it provokes our creativity in uniquely interdisciplinary ways. It asks us to imagine, to dream, and to dare."
John Kao, author of Jamming - The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, and Academic Director, Managing Innovation Program, Stanford University.

Peter Schwartz

"The Foresight Institute is nurturing the birth of a revolution that if successful will lead to many of humankind's most profound dilemmas like poverty, environmental destruction and resource depletion becoming only memories of a distant past."
Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network

Don Lavoie

"Now that the natural scientists are taking this book seriously, it is high time that social scientists start to do so. The socio-economic and political changes that the nanotechnological revolution will usher in are difficult to imagine, but I think we had better start doing some serious thinking about them."
Don Lavoie, David H. and Charles G. Koch Professor of Economics Program on Social & Organization Learning, George Mason University.

Andy Hertzfeld

"Engines of Creation is one of the most exciting books that I've ever read. It describes the remarkable yet inevitable consequences of nanotechnology in a simple, clear and completely believable fashion."
Andy Hertzfeld, Macintosh designer and co-founder of General Magic.

Prof. Bart Kosko

"The frontier of nanotechnology moves closer each day as computer chips grow more dense with circuits and as fields like laser chemistry and polymer engineering grow from research oddities to a new source of patents and products. History will record that the vision of the nano-frontier began with Engines of Creation."
Prof. Bart Kosko, Director Signal and Image Processing Institute, Electrical Engineering Dept., USC, author of Fuzzy Thinking.

Vernor Vinge

"It's not often that the walls of the everyday are turned to windows, and one sees vistas of possibility that were previously unimagined; reading Engines of Creation was such an experience for me."
Vernor Vinge, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematical Sciences, San Diego State University.

William McDonough

"As designers and 'makers of things' we, de facto, must find ethical ways to work at the level of molecules and regions. The Foresight Institute reminds us our handprints are as infinitesimal as our footprints are immense."
William McDonough, Dean, School of Architecture, Elson Prof. of Arch., Founder, Institute for Sustainable Design, U. Of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.

John Gilmore

"Foresight has been quite successful in promoting the concept of nanotechnology and in making it a serious area of scientific research. Its real work is yet to come, as it leads the public in grappling with the huge social transformations that nanotechnology will impose upon every living human being."
John Gilmore, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Cypherpunks, the "alt" Usenet newsgroups, ISP "The Little Garden", and Cygnus Support (now Cygnus Solutions).

John Seely Brown

"Mind stretching!"
John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation

David Brin, Ph.D

"Nanotechnology has replaced space flight and virtual reality as the most eagerly discussed topic in speculative novels about the future. Some of the very brightest, most knowledgeable authors are busy penning extrapolations based on possible good and bad effects, when micro-machinery takes its place in our suite of potent tools. Will we use it wisely? The answer may depend on how well we think out things in advance. Engines of Creation pointed the way for this wave of foresight. If we use nanotech right, it will be partly in thanks to this book."
David Brin, Ph.D, best-selling author of EARTH and the Transparent Society.

Sister Mercedes

"The future nanotechnology revolution is apt to catch most of us unawares. I look to the Foresight Institute to prepare the world for the unprecedented changes to come and the wisdom to deal with them.
In the Foresight Institute we as a nation have the beginnings of a collective conscience which will enable us to make moral and prudent decisions regarding the new technology which is fast coming into being."
Sister Mercedes, Carmelite Monastery, Carmel CA.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

"Engines of Creation is that rarest of things, a technically sophisticated book that is still accessible to general readers. The Foresight Institute is distinguished from most other technology-related think tanks by its taking seriously - before the fact - the ethical and social ramifications of new technology."
Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Professor of Law, University of Tennessee.

Robert W. Poole, Jr.

"Thanks to the pioneering work of the Foresight Institute, real progress is being made in nanotechnology, with tremendous promise for improving our lives in the 21st century."
Robert W. Poole, Jr., President, Reason Foundation