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Foresight Institute Communication Prize Instructions


Deadline for submitting nominations: June 30, 2007.

Nominations must have a summary with the nominee's address, telephone, and (if possible) fax and email address.

Entry quality will be judged on the basis of accuracy, objectivity, scope, content, and appeal. Nominations may be submitted by any interested individual or by the publisher, author, radio or television station, responsible for the effort.

The nomination must include either:

  1. Complete identification and a copy of the article or a book chapter (with the necessary permission to place on Foresight's website, should it be selected as a finalist); or
  2. Complete identification of the media piece, with location and time presented, and submission of tapes, URLs, transcripts or other reasonable evidence that may be used by the panel in judging, accompanied by a 50-100 word summary of what the basic subject is and why the piece meets the objectives in an outstanding way.

The article, book or presentation must have been published, aired, or heard in the three calendar years preceding the submission.

It is strongly encouraged that nominations include the potential winner's bio and list of previous work, with URLs as available.

Please submit the above information in ONE email to with a "cc" (courtesy copy) sent to

Supporting documents for all applications must be submitted with the email in one of two ways:

  • A URL pointing at the full document, no fee required
  • An email attachment of the full document emailed to with a "cc" (courtesy copy) sent to, with nominee's name included

Key components

  1. Accurately and thoroughly described the underlying project or issue, including balanced treatment of technological benefits and potential risks;
  2. Effectively explained how the molecular nanotechnology or other emerging technology project, or the outcome of a particular issue, will benefit the community;
  3. Covered all sides of the issue fairly, in cases of controversy;
  4. Clearly described the molecular nanotechnologist's or other researcher's role (Examples: How did researchers contribute to the project's completion? How did researchers influence the positive outcome of key developmental issue, an environmental issue, or critical legislation?);
  5. Advanced public knowledge and understanding of molecular nanotechnology or other emerging technology, our issues, and the challenges of the profession.


The prizewinner for the Communication Award will be awarded a $1,000.00 prize plus a physical award.

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