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Publications of the Foresight Institute

Foresight Institute Update

The monthly Foresight Institute Update features the following news items:

From June 1, 2005 until February 19, 2009, the Foresight Institute Update was named the Foresight Institute Weekly News Digest. An earlier quarterly newsletter titled Foresight Update was published from June 15, 1987 through spring of 2007, and is archived here.

Books on the Web

Two books are available on the Web that present Foresight's vision of nanotechnology.

Library of Senior Associate letters

Since January of 1993, Senior Associates of Foresight Institute have received a quarterly "insider's newsletter" originally written by Foresight Founder Eric Drexler, and more recently by other Foresight principals. A library of past letters will be made available to Senior Associates.

White Papers

As a nonprofit public foundation with the goal of promoting beneficial nanotechnology, Foresight Institute has included the development of public policy recommendations in its work since the beginning.

Policy white Papers

Historical Background and Briefing Documents

Foresight Background carried essays, question-and-answer sets, reference information, and other materials not expected to date rapidly. These were mostly written in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Foresight Briefings present more in-depth treatment of topics of special interest. These were written from the late 1980s through the late 1990s.

Foresight Institute's Mission was updated in 2004. The previous version of Foresight's purpose, policy, and perspective, as well as even earlier versions from 1992 and 1991, are available for comparison.

Foresight has long supported the development of new systems and technologies that will lead to better dissemination of information and analysis of proposed policies as an objective that is crucial to addressing emerging technologies. Foresight co-founder Eric Drexler (who is no longer affiliated with Foresight) devoted a chapter of Engines of Creation to "The Network of Knowledge" and wrote a 1987 essay "Hypertext Publishing and the Evolution of Knowledge". This interest led Foresight in 1996 to advocate enhancing the World Wide Web to provide true hypertext publishing functionality. These efforts eventually produced the CritSuite software enabling bidirectional, fine-grained annotation of any web text. This project has been completed and the original crit.org domain is no longer associated with the project. Web enhancement archive.

Foresight Institute Presentations

Presentations either made by Foresight Institute principals or made by others at Foresight Conferences and events. The links are either to PDF files created from PowerPoint slide presentations, to papers written in conjunction with the presentations, or to audio files or other media files from the presentation.

Foresight Institute Presentations