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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest: July 6, 2005

In this issue:

Foresight Nanotech Institute News

Advancing Beneficial Nanotechnology
Focusing on the Cutting Edge
13th Foresight Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology

October 22-27, 2005
San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel

Program Highlights, Panels and Debates

Vision Weekend — October 22–23, 2005

Debate: Nanotechnology: Revolutionary or questionable?
Moderator: Derrick Boston, Partner, Guth Christopher LLP
Jerry Mander, Director, International Forum on Globalization
Ralph Merkle, Professor, Georgia Tech

Applications & Policy — October 24–25, 2005

Panel: Investing: How can we overcome the "Valley of Death"?
Moderator: Charles Harris, Harris & Harris
Floyd Kvamme, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers and Co-Chair, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Steve Jurvetson, Managing Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Michael Moe, Chairman and CEO, ThinkEquity Partners
Ray Rothrock, Managing General Partners, Venrock Associates

Panel: Foresight Nanotechnology Challenge #2—Providing abundant clean water globally
Moderator: Todd Barker, Partner, Meridian Institute
Fred Tepper, President, Argonide
Kevin McGovern, Chairman, McGovern & Associates
Lee Williams, President and CEO, eMembrane

Research — October 26–27, 2005

DNA structures, William Shih, Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School
Nanotech research in Japan, Hiroshi Yokoyama, AIST, Japan
Prediction of structure and properties on the nanoscale, William Goddard, Caltech
Protein design, Steve Mayo, Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry, Caltech
Fab and assembly, Teri Odom, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Harvard University

Other Important Deadlines

Abstract Deadline has been extended to - July 31, 2005
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Prize Deadlines – July 15, 2005
Foresight has added a Government Prize this year.

Early Registration Discount – August 30, 2005
Customize your conference experience – Choose the days and sessions that provide the kind of nanotechnology information and contacts you seek. Foresight Nanotech Institute offers an "a la carte" conference so you can select the days that are most valuable to you. Or attend all six days and receive a comprehensive overview: from Vision, through current Applications and Policy work, to Research on the cutting edge of advanced nanotechnology.

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Lectures – Foresight Nanotech Institute

The National-Biology Interface: Exploring Models For Oversight
The Center for Science, Technology & Public Policy at the Humphrey Institute of the University of Minnesota
September 15, 2005
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Christine Peterson will speak on "Long Term Potentials, Unprecedented Challenges for Governance."

Productive Nanosystems Roadmap

Foresight Nanotech Institute and Battelle welcome Drs. William Goddard and Nadrian C. Seeman to the Steering Committee for the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems. Dr. Goddard is a leader in computational modeling and Dr. Seeman is a pioneer in building with DNA.

Dr. William Goddard, Charles and Mary Ferkel Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics Director, Materials and Process Simulation Center, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Nadrian C. Seeman, Professor, Department of Chemistry, New York University

For a complete list of Steering Committee members:

Foresight Nanotechnology Challenges

Foresight has articulated six critical challenges that humanity faces which can be addressed by nanotechnology. In the Weekly News Digest we identify news items, research breakthroughs, and events citing current research and applications providing the stepping-stones to solutions to these challenges.

1. Meeting global energy needs with clean solutions

Israel plugs in the sun
News source: The Jerusalem Post by Jessica Steinberg

Israel needs to know how to use its sunny days. With approximately eight months of sun each year, power derived from sunlight can be a vital resource.

"There's a real environmental drive behind utilizing solar energy," explains Dave Waimann, managing director of Orionsolar, a solar power startup in Jerusalem. "Our dream is that one day a family in Africa can walk into their corner store, buy a solar sheet and install a system that will give them electricity the same day. When our technology works, it will allow access to clean, cheap electricity for the billion people who don't have it now."

Orionsolar's modules look different than the average system, as they are supplied in long flexible sheets. The main ingredients are nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, an ingredient commonly found in toothpaste. One 2-meter long sheet would produce 160 watts of power per hour, and would cost no more than $200 to the consumer.


2. Providing abundant clean water globally

Water, water Everywhere: Nano Filtration
News source: InvestorIdeas.com by Charles Choi

The key lies in how nanotechnology—science and engineering on the scale of molecules—can make pores tiny enough to filter out the smallest of organisms. At the same time, nano-engineered membrane pores can be far straighter than conventional filters. This means water can flow through faster.

One of the single biggest applications of nanotechnology could be solving the global shortage of pure water, experts say.


3. Increasing the health and longevity of human life

Nanotech as Disease Detector
News source: nanotechwire.com

There's tremendous hype about the promise of nanotechnology in medicine. Now, the companies pioneering the field have to prove the promise can become a reality.

Among the players making the rounds at the Biotechnology Industry Organization convention in Philadelphia is William Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of Nanosphere, a startup looking to use nanotechnology to revolutionize the medical-testing industry. "Nanotech is going to create the next major advance in diagnostics."

Nanosphere, Inc. http://www.nanosphere.us/

4. Maximizing the productivity of agriculture

Nanotechnology boosts CoQ10 bioavailability News source: FOOD Navigator.com/Europe by Dominique Patton

An Israeli start-up says its nanoparticles can significantly increase the bioavailability of CoQ10 and other functional ingredients by improving their solubility, writes Dominique Patton.

NutraLease, a firm carved out of the Hebrew University with funding from the Israeli government and private investors, says two human clinical trials support the enhanced bioavailability of CoQ10 delivered into beverages using its novel technology
NutraLease http://www.nutralease.com/index.asp

5. Making powerful information technology available everywhere

Laser makes 3D atom probe suitable for chip research
News source: eeTimes online by Peter Clarke

Oxford nanoScience Ltd. has said that its 3DAP three-dimensional atom probe can now be used on silicon structures, so that semiconductor device manufacturers can determine both the elemental identity and position of individual atoms.

The 3DAP has been successfully applied to semiconductor samples by the use of laser light to liberate atoms from the sample. Such probing will be critical for the design, engineering and manufacturing of next-generation devices and in particular device yields, performance and reliability.

Oxford nanoScience http://www.oxfordnanoscience.com/

6. Enabling the development of space

NASA Investigates Revolutionary Space Exploration Concepts
News source: Nanotechnology Now

The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) has selected its 2005 Phase 1 awards. The Phase 1 awards are 12, six-month study proposals beginning in September that could revolutionize space exploration.

If the concepts prove feasible, space explorers may one day deploy superconducting cables that magnetically inflate to form the structure of a space telescope one kilometer across; launch a satellite with a magnetic scoop to mine the radiation belts surrounding Earth for antimatter fuel; or enjoy a feast from a food "replicator" that creates a variety of meals from a few common ingredients.


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Nanotech Events & News

Research Paper: Productive nanosystems: the physics of molecular fabrication
Published by the Institute of Physics (IOP)
Authored by K Eric Drexler, PhD

Abstract. Fabrication techniques are the foundation of physical technology, and are thus of fundamental interest. Physical principles indicate that nanoscale systems will be able to fabricate a wide range of structures, operating with high productivity and precise molecular control. Advanced systems of this kind will require intermediate generations of system development, but their components can be designed and modeled today.

For the complete paper in PDF

Article: U.S. risks losing nano lead
Nanotechnology experts warn the United States could lose its global lead in nanotechnology.
News source: PhysOrg.com

To continue U.S. leadership, the government and the industry must adopt a host of proposals, including establishing environmental, health and safety guidelines for nanotech and investing more federal money.

In recent testimony before the House Science Subcommittee on Research, Sean Murdock, executive director of the NanoBusiness Alliance in New York City, said federal investment is vital to bridge the "valley of death" many nanotech companies face between their founding and their ability to draw significant cash flow.

Event: July 13-15, 2005 Nano2005
Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India
Sponsored by Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi Nanomaterials Science & Technology Research Centre (NSTRC)

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