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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest: April 9, 2008

Digest news items also appear as posts on our blog Nanodot at Each news item can be discussed individually in the comments area on Nanodot. We invite your participation!

Top Nano News of the Week

Nanotechnology device releases anticancer drugs inside cancer cells

The switchable nanovalve for drug delivery that we cited three weeks ago is now one step closer to being tested in patients, although "further steps are required to demonstrate actual inhibition of tumor growth." In these simple nanotechnology devices a molecule that changes shape when exposed to light lines the pores of a nanoparticle, expelling the drug carried by the nanoparticle. In a laboratory test, several types of human cancer cells were shown to take up the nanotech devices and were then killed when exposure to light released the drug from the nanoparticle into the surrounding cell…

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Nanotechnology theory guides synthesis of better catalysts for fuel cells

By combining more precise core-shell nanoparticle synthesis techniques with electronic structure theory to predict the properties of nanoparticles, nanotechnology researchers have produced a better catalyst for fuel cells…

Nanotechnology to produce electricity from nuclear waste?

Phil McKenna at news service describes a nanotechnology advance that turns radiation directly into electricity, leading us to wonder if it thus simultaneously provides a use for nuclear waste…

Silencing gene expression for cancer therapy through nanotechnology

Silencing the expression of specific genes would be very useful medically, and perhaps the most interesting method of doing so to have emerged recently is through the use of small interfering RNA (siRNA). The most significant challenge to using siRNA medically is how to get it inside specific cells, and a number of approaches are based on nanotechnology…

Nanotechnology researchers working toward storing a petabyte on one DVD

Nanotechnology researchers in Australia are developing a format for optical disk recording that they expect will be able to store as much as a petabyte on one disk—20,000 times as much as on one Blu-ray Disc—and which they say could be in commercial use within 10 years…

Nanotechnology provides an ultrasensitive, noninvasive molecular imaging system for living subjects

By combining Raman spectroscopy with surface-enhanced Raman scattering nanoparticles (see Wikipedia) and single-walled carbon nanotubes, Stanford scientists have applied nanotechnology to develop an ultrasensitive, noninvasive molecular imaging system. A major advantages of this new nanotech imaging method is the ability to visualize a number of different types of molecules simultaneously and to have the signal remain stable over time…

Do-it-yourself nanotechnology objects from DNA

Snowbird, Utah is the place to be for nanotechnologists on April 22-25 for the 5th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO08): Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices. Those of you who have attended Foresight research conferences will recognize a number of familiar names and lots of new ones.

Mark Sims of Nanorex tells us that they will be announcing the first public release of Nano-Engineer 1 at their evening workshop on April 24…

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis and Christine Peterson

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NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
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April 22 - 23, 2008
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Looking to understand what nanotechnology means for you? Need to understand how and why nanotechnology can improve your products, process, and may even cut costs? Interested in learning about the latest applications and trends in top-down fabrication and bottom-up assembly techniques? Then this event is for you!

This conference will highlight the current, near-term, and future applications of nanotechnology and how they are transforming the way we manufacture products. Peer networking, information sharing, and technology exchange among the world's nanomanufacturing leaders will be a key feature of the event.

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Foresight Lectures

April 23, 2008
NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
Framingham, Massachusetts
David Forrest will discuss the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems, including progress made to date, and the next steps.
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May 21, 2008
RAPID 2008 Conference & Exposition
"The New Wave in Manufacturing"
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel will discuss the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems, including progress made to date, and the next steps.
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Nanotech Events

April 22–25, 2008
Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO08)
Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices
Snowbird, Utah USA
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