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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest: November 6, 2008

Foresight members and Digest readers get $50 off the Convergence08 conference — see below for details.

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Top Nano News of the Week

Research challenges for the diamondoid mechanosynthesis path to advanced nanotechnology

On 5 June 2008, Robert Freitas and Ralph Merkle of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (IMM) submitted to IEEE Spectrum the following response to the article "Rupturing the Nanotech Rapture" by Richard A.L. Jones (IEEE Spectrum, June 2008 issue). Their brief letter is reproduced below because Spectrum has chosen to publish only one of the responses it received on this topic…

In this issue:

Foresight Events – Convergence08 Vision Weekend, Lecture
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Building blocks for nanotechnology from volcanic springs

Organisms that live in extreme environments may provide building blocks for nanotech applications that need to withstand extreme environments. A virus that infects a microorganism that lives in volcanic springs looks particularly promising…

Nanotechnology shrinks tumors by targeting two genes

One of the advantages of nanotech treatments for cancer is that nanoparticles can be large enough to introduce more than one type of therapeutic molecule into the same cancer cell. Another advantage is that nanoparticles can protect and deliver into cells molecules that would never make it into the cancer cell unassisted…

Defining international standards for nanotechnology

You might think that by now the definitions of terms like "nanotechnology" and "nanosystems" would be firmly established. In fact the process of arriving at an international consensus is more difficult than you might expect. Representing Foresight in the effort to define these and other terms is David R. Forrest, Ph.D.…

Biomineralization may show nanotechnology how to align atoms in regular arrays with unusual morphologies

A better understanding of how biomineralization converts ordinary minerals to biological mineral structures with extraordinary hardness and fracture resistance may lead to superhard materials for nanotech applications. In the case of sea urchin spicules, the process involves a fractal-like or random walk process by which 40-100 nm particles of amorphous calcium carbonate are converted into a single crystal of calcite with a very unusual geometry…

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis

Foresight Events – Convergence08, Lectures

November 15-16, 2008
Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno Revolutions to be Explored at Convergence08 Unconference - Foresight Vision Weekend
Mountain View, California

On November 15-16, 2008, the world's most dangerous ideas will collide in Mountain View, California. Convergence08 examines the world-changing possibilities of NANOTECH and the life-changing promises of BIOTECH. It is the premier forum for debate and exploration of COGTECH ethics, and ground zero of the past and future INFOTECH revolution. Convergence08 is an innovative, lively unconference, the first and only forum dedicated to NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) technologies

This is an Unconference, where you can schedule your own session. Give a talk or just lead a discussion on the subject of your choice!

For more information, see the press release. This event will serve as Foresight's Vision Weekend for 2008.

Foresight members and Digest readers who have not yet registered can get $50 off by registering on this special page:

Foresight Lectures

November 20, 2008
Silicon Valley Open Doors 2008 Technology Investment Conference
Mountain View, California
Christine Peterson will be a panelist on nanotechnology.
Click here for conference details

Advancing Beneficial Nanotechnology

Do you believe that nanotechnology will give society the ability to tackle the hard challenges facing humanity? What's your priority for nanotechnology: cancer treatments and longevity therapies, sustainable energy, clean water, a restored environment, space development, or "zero waste" manufacturing? Or perhaps there are potential nanotech scenarios you would like to prevent.

If you would like to help influence the direction of this powerful technology, please consider becoming a member of Foresight Nanotech Institute. With your support, Foresight will continue to educate the general public on beneficial nanotechnology and what it will mean to our society.

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More Events

National Nano Engineering Conference 2008
America's premier nano engineering conference
November 12-13, 2008
The Colonnade Hotel, Boston, MA

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(Discount not applicable to one-day passes)

The National Nano Engineering Conference 2008 (NNEC) is the premier event focused on current and future developments in engineering innovations at the nanoscale, as well as the commercialization of nanotechnology.

Presentations on new technologies and their commercial applications in the following disciplines:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Bio/Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Energy & Environmental
  • Aerospace & Defense

NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits 2009
What's Happening TODAY and Tomorrow!
April 1-2, 2009
Minneapolis MN USA

Call for Speakers

Looking to understand what nanotechnology means for you? Need to understand how and why nanotechnology can improve your products, process and may even cut costs? Interested in learning about the latest applications and trends in top-down fabrication and bottom-up assembly techniques? Then this event is for you!

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