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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest: November 13, 2008

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Top Nano News of the Week

Mechanosynthesis with AFM as a step toward advanced nanotechnology

Robert A. Freitas Jr. brings to our attention a major step on the road to advanced nanotech, published a couple weeks ago in Science (abstract). He writes:

This paper reports purely mechanical-based covalent bond-making and bond-breaking (true mechanosynthesis) involving atom by atom substitution of silicon (Si) atoms for tin (Sn) atoms in an Sn monolayer surface on a Si(111) surface…

In this issue:

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Nanotechnology provides antireflective coating to boost solar cell efficiency

By nearly eliminating the light lost to solar cells by reflection, a multilayer nanotech coating promises to increase solar cell efficiency…

DNA nanotechnology provides an improved tweezers

Re-engineering a simple nanotech device to make it more functional, Chinese scientists have developed an improved DNA tweezers that is able to capture, hold, and release a target molecule in a controlled manner…

Using nanotechnology to build backpacks for cells

A patch consisting of three layers of polymers can be loaded with nanoparticles and attached to living cells to give them nanotech backpacks that could be useful for carrying chemotherapy and imaging agents to tumors, or to align cells in certain patterns for tissue engineering…

Mass production method for nanotechnology wonder material

The publication of a method to mass produce graphene has opened the way to further study of this remarkable nanomaterial, and to its eventual use in a number of nanotech applications…

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis

Foresight Events – Convergence08, Lectures

November 15-16, 2008
Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno Revolutions to be Explored at Convergence08 Unconference - Foresight Vision Weekend
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On November 15-16, 2008, the world's most dangerous ideas will collide in Mountain View, California. Convergence08 examines the world-changing possibilities of NANOTECH and the life-changing promises of BIOTECH. It is the premier forum for debate and exploration of COGTECH ethics, and ground zero of the past and future INFOTECH revolution. Convergence08 is an innovative, lively unconference, the first and only forum dedicated to NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) technologies

This is an Unconference, where you can schedule your own session. Give a talk or just lead a discussion on the subject of your choice!

For more information, see the press release. This event will serve as Foresight's Vision Weekend for 2008.

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Foresight Lectures

November 20, 2008
Silicon Valley Open Doors 2008 Technology Investment Conference
Mountain View, California
Christine Peterson will be a panelist on nanotechnology.
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January 22, 2009
Stanford Law, Science and Technology Colloquium
Palo Alto, California
Christine Peterson will speak to LLM students on legal, ethical and public policy issues in nanotechnology.
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