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Foresight Nanotech Institute Weekly News Digest: December 19, 2008

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Top Item of the Week

Foresight — with Peripheral Vision: Nanotech & AI forecast from Josh Hall

"I believe that the next decade or two will be the period when nanotechnology and AI, along with some of the other technologies of the kind Foresight was founded to watch, really begin to have major effects on the world outside the labs. Here are some thoughts on the subject…"

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Using nanotechnology to separate electrons and holes in thin-film solar cells

A nanostructure called a "gyroid" self-assembled from diblock copolymers provides a scaffold with the proper dimensions so that when light knocks electrons loose from a dye molecule, the electrons and the holes left behind can be separated to obtain an electric current, providing the basis for a more efficient, inexpensive nanotech solar cell…

Arthur Kantrowitz, 1913-2008, Foresight Advisor

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz, a founding Advisor of Foresight Institute and an early supporter of molecular nanotechnology concepts when they were first developed at MIT in the late 1970s by then-student K. Eric Drexler…

Nanotechnology delivers lethal dose of drug to prostate cancer cells

Using a nanotech drug delivery method to target cancer cells is much more effective than using the drug by itself. In laboratory tests, nanoparticles that include a small molecule of nucleic acid that binds to a target molecule on prostate cancer cells were used to carry a lethal dose of the drug into the cancer cells without affecting cells lacking the cancer-specific target…

Nanotechnology to benefit from high-temperature superconducting nanowires

Nanowires that are superconducting above liquid nitrogen temperature have been produced for the first time, and their properties vary according to the diameter of the nanowires. The fact that they are superconducting over wider temperature ranges than other nanowires may make them uniquely suitable for some nanotech applications…

Centralized approach of Russia's nanotechnology program

Michael Berger at Nanowerk has compared the centralized strategy of Russia's new nanotechnology program with the national nanotech strategies of other countries…

A better raincoat through nanotechnology

A nanotech technique that can coat any number of common fabrics with a layer of silicone nanofilaments appears ready to produce durable, completely waterproof clothing…

Uncertainty over safety of nanotechnology in consumer products

The New York Times brings an article by Natasha Singer that sums up the ambiguous status of nanotech in consumer products, particularly cosmetic and personal care products, and the also ambiguous attitudes about nanotechnology…

NanoPhobia … Phobia

The thrust of the article is that a study in Nature Nanotechnology seems to show that the public's reaction to nanotech is not as simplistic as technologists seem to think it is, and that there's a significant segment that recognizes nanotech's promise and broadly expects benefits to outweigh risks…

Nanotechnology advance toward individualized cancer treatments

The effectiveness of treatment with multifunctional nanoparticles was studied using human breast tumors grown in rats lacking an immune system (to prevent the rats rejecting the foreign tumors) so that the variation in the effectiveness of treatment could be compared among individual breast tumors…

Tunneling electrons could power nanotechnology

Molecular dynamics simulations show that electron tunneling through nanoscale rotary motors based on carbon nanotube shafts may enable nanotech motors to rotate more than a million times faster than their biological counterparts…

Study of the FDA's ability to regulate nanotechnology-based dietary supplements to be released

How well prepared is the FDA to regulate nanotech products? Perhaps not very well, at least in the area of dietary supplements…

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis, J. Storrs Hall, and Christine Peterson

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