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Foresight Update 23.35: Carbon monoxide AFM tip resolves atoms - September 3, 2009

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Top News of the Week

Amazing image of single molecule from IBM Zurich

Jason Palmer of BBC News brings us an AFM image from IBM Zurich which is simply wonderful…

In this issue:

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The Black Box Fallacy

Consider two scientists working on some problem, or two engineers working on some design: In each case, the way that the person thinks will form an inductive bias that will help in some cases, but hinder in others, the ease with which the individual in question gains the insight necessary for the task…

Mind Children

As I pointed out yesterday, the internals of a super-AI are likely to look more or less like some organization of human-level AIs (which in turn are likely to be Societies of Mind of even simpler ones). So just drawing a box around it and calling it "weakly god-like" doesn't help understand or design it. What helps is understanding how to make good people and good societies of them. But this is the problem that parents have always had…

Diffusion Tensor Imaging and the Economy of Mind

More evidence for a Society of Mind model, complete with economics: The Brain Economy by Michael L. Anderson over at Forbes…

Motoman SDA10

This is the Motoman SDA10 15-axis robot ("for high level of dexterity and range of motion") putting together an office chair. This is roughly the kind of thing we need for the Feynman Path assembly robot…

Science Court

…the US Chamber of Commerce wants to have a public hearing on the subject of global warming…

Accelerating Future » Folding DNA into Twisted and Curved Nanoscale Shapes

Cool pics of some (artist's conceptions of) shapes made from DNA…

Good enough … intelligence

A couple of bloggers have noted the article at Wired about the Good Enough "revolution." …

It's a lot older than the marketplace, of course. This is what evolution does in spades…

—Nanodot posts by J. Storrs Hall and Christine Peterson

Foreseeing Future Technologies

Advancements in technologies such as nanotech, robotics, and biotech are promising to make major differences in our lives in the not-too-distant future, as the Industrial Revolution did to the agrarian world — to do for the physical world what the computer and Internet have done to the world of information.

Since 1986, the Foresight Institute has been in the forefront of a worldwide community of visionaries who work to help shape these possibilities into a positive, beneficial reality. If you would like to help us understand the potential of these technologies, and influence their direction, please consider becoming a member of the Foresight community. With your support, Foresight will continue to educate the general public on these technologies and what they will mean to our society.

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Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies Nanoethics Symposium 2009
The Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies in cooperation with the University of Washington Center for Workforce Development Nanoethics Symposium
September 8, 2009
Seattle, WA

The Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies (S-NET) is poised to become an international organization to promote open intellectual exchange towards the advancement of knowledge and understanding of nanotechnologies in society.

The Singularity Summit 2009
Devoted to the better understanding of increasing intelligence and accelerating change
October 3, 2009
New York, NY USA

The Singularity Institute will host the Singularity Summit 2009, in New York October 3-4. The Summit is a gathering of thinkers to explore the rising impact of science and technology on society, and in particular to further the understanding of a controversial idea — the singularity scenario.

Converging Technologies for 21st Century Security
Organized by the Institute of Nanotechnology
November 25, 2009
The Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

Organised crime, terrorism, civil conflict, and natural disasters are sadly commonplace in global society and have developed increasingly complex dimensions. To counter such threats, civil security and emergency response teams are looking towards new technologies that offer more sensitive, rapid, and accurate detection methods; that provide the means to neutralise or effectively deal with the outcomes of such incidents; and that provide greater protection to personnel.

NanoManufacturing Conference & Exhibits
Looking to understand what nanotechnology means for you?
April 14, 2010 to April 15, 2010
Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa, Mesa AZ USA

Call for Speakers, Abstract deadline: October 7, 2009

This conference will highlight the current, near-term, and future applications of nanotechnology and how they are transforming the way we manufacture products. Peer networking, information sharing, and technology exchange among the world's nanomanufacturing leaders will be a key feature of the event.

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