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Cancer cell suicide via DNA nanotechnology-based nanorobot

Foresight Update 25.04—April 6, 2012
ISSN 1078-9731

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Nanotechnology-based sensor does rapid reads of single DNA molecule

We recently noted the contribution of nanotechnology-based DNA sequencing methods to research and to the emerging field of personalized medicine. Another major step along this path was taken more recently by combining a mutated protein pore with a DNA polymerase molecular motor. …

Nanostructured adhesive can hold up to 700 pounds on glass

Another example of current nanotechnology too cool to ignore is provided by a card-sized adhesive that can support up to 700 pounds on a glass surface, be easily released, and reused many times. …

Nanotechnology regrows blood vessels after ischemic damage

A major advantage of nanoparticles used in nanomedicine is that they can combine and deliver together more than one therapeutic component. This capability has been brought to bear in the quest to encourage regenerative blood vessel growth after ischemic disease, which causes much cardiovascular morbidity. Delivering a growth factor in a nanoparticle containing a different biomolecule as a coreceptor achieves results where delivering the factor alone had failed. …

Faster, less expensive medical diagnostics through nanotechnology

Nanomedicine will make major contributions to health care not only by providing new and improved therapies, but also by providing new diagnostic methods that will be faster and less expensive than currently available procedures. …

Carbon nanotubes help renewable energy industry by improving wind turbine durability

Christopher William Ince Jr. writes about the role of carbon nanotubes in providing superior materials for the wind energy industry:

A major problem plaguing the wind energy industry is the inability of current manufacturing materials used in wind turbine blades to keep up with increasing demand. …

Computational analysis of scattered images brings atomic resolution to electron microscopy

In his famous visionary 1959 talk in which he described molecular machines building with atomic precision, Feynman suggested that if physicists wanted to help biologists, they should improve the electron microscope by a hundred times to see individual atoms. Many improvements have been made over the years, such as aberration-correcting electron lenses, but a recent contribution from the University of Sheffield has succeeded in showing for the first time that it is possible to recover the complex exit wave from a diffraction image at atomic resolution, over a wide field of view, and using low-energy electrons. …

DNA nanotechnology-based nanorobot delivers cell suicide message to cancer cells

DNA nanotechnology is not only a very promising path toward productive nanosystems and atomically precise manufacturing, but also a path to increasingly sophisticated DNA molecular machines for near-term drug delivery applications in nanomedicine. …

Nanotechnology, digital fabrication, and innovation at TED

John Walker, a longtime friend to nanotech and Foresight, sends this news about a TEDxBerkeley video

Carl Bass, successor to the successor to the successor to me as CEO of Autodesk got up in front of an audience and spoke on "The Five New Rules of Innovation" among which was nanoscale and bio-inspired structures. …

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis and Christopher William Ince Jr.

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