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Computational protein design advance points to tighter binding, better catalysts

Foresight Update 26.07—September 27, 2013
ISSN 1078-9731

Nanotech News

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In this issue:

Computational design of protein-small molecule interactions

The modular molecular composite nanosystems (MMCNs) approach to developing atomically precise manufacturing, as described in the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems envisions million-atom-scale DNA frameworks with dense arrays of atomically precise binding sites for various functional components, with specially engineered proteins binding specific functional components to specific sites on the DNA frameworks. We have frequently highlighted here improvements in DNA nanotechnology to precisely position individual components, but until now a general purpose method to engineer proteins to bind specific small molecules has been elusive. …

Building a hub for nanotech advancement

Nanotechnology draws from physics, chemistry, engineering, computation, etc., and this multi-disciplinary nature has served as a major speed bump in achievement of envisioned nanotech goals. There has been substantial concern that the U.S. is lagging behind other countries in nanotech R&D. Now researchers, companies, and politicians are coming together to create a much-needed physical hub for promoting and funding multi-disciplinary progress toward advanced technologies. The location: New York. The focus: chips. …

Circuits of graphitic nanoribbons grown from aligned DNA templates

The “molecular threading” technique disclosed by Aeon Biowares that was the topic of our previous post was presented as a great improvement over earlier bulk methods for stretching DNA, such as “molecular combing”, and the researchers speculated that it might also be useful for fabricating arrays of nanowires. As a starting point to thinking about what molecular threading might make possible, it might be useful to consider what current methods like molecular combing can accomplish. A hat tip to Josh Hall for pointing to this example of what can already be done in terms of using DNA strands to assemble functional arrays …

Precise mechanical manipulation of individual long DNA molecules

Those Nanodot readers who heard very interesting research results from Halcyon Molecular discussed at the Foresight Institute 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference … will be interested in this update on the “Molecular Threading” portion of that technology …

THE SINGULARITY film premiere at The Castro Theatre 09.16.13

Just off special screenings at NASA and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Doug Wolens’s documentary THE SINGULARITY will premiere on the giant silver screen at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre. An awesome venue for the premiere of the most comprehensive and insightful documentary film about the singularity to date. …

Conference video: Assembly and Manipulation of Molecules at the Atomic Scale

… The second speaker at the Atomic Scale Devices session, the winner of the 2011 Feynman Prize for Experimental work, Leonhard Grill, presented his prize-winning work “Assembly and Manipulation of Molecules at the Atomic Scale: ‘Stiching and Switching’” …

—Nanodot posts by Stephanie C. and James Lewis

Foresight Events and News


17th Foresight Conference: "The Integration Conference"
February 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California, USA

Over 20 speakers will present their research and vision within the realm of groundbreaking atomic- and molecular-scale science and engineering with application across a wide range of advanced technologies, including materials, electronics, energy conversion, biotechnology and more. Events will include presentation of the annual Foresight Institute Feynman Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in nanoscale science and technology.

Integration: The development and proliferation of nanotechnology through its applications in diverse fields are dependent upon the successful integration of nano-engineered devices and materials ("nanosystems") into more complex micro- and macro-systems. Thus, this year the concept of Integration is highlighted, for the successful integration of nanosystems can impact the rate of development, application, and ultimately benefit.

Analysis, simulation, synthesis, and mass production are challenges for nanotechnology integration in such diverse applications as biotechnology, medicine, microelectronics, defense, energy conversion and storage, coatings, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even food and food security.

Conference Co-Chairs
Robert P. Meagley, CEO/CTO, ONE Nanotechnologies
William A. Goddard III, Director, Materials and Process Simulation Center, Caltech

Planned Sessions include:

  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Bionano Systems
  • Commercially Implemented Nanotechnology
  • Electronic and Optical Nanosystems
  • Self-Organizing & Adaptive Systems

Confirmed speakers include Ron Zuckerman (LBNL Molecular Foundry), Reza Arghavani (LAM Research), Banning Garrett (Atlantic Council), Steven Roscoe (3M Central Research), and Robert P. Meagley, ONE Nanotechnologies.

Look for further details on the conference, speakers, and events in the coming weeks and months. Registration will open in mid-October.

2013 Feynman Prize and Student Award Nominations Are Open

Nominations for the 2013 Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes: Experimental and Theory, and for the 2013 Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award are due on October 31, 2013. More information and details for nominating yourself or someone else can be found at

Nanotechnology for Developing Countries: the 2014 Foresight Invitational Workshop

February 7-9, 2014
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Palo Alto
Silicon Valley, California, USA


Nanoscale technologies have the potential to bring immense benefits to developing countries, in areas ranging from water and energy to health and environmental restoration. But the challenges are correspondingly large. For more information …

Conference Videos Available on Vimeo

Videos of approximately half of the talks given at the 2013 Foresight Technical Conference: Illuminating Atomic Precision, held January 11-13, 2013 in Palo Alto, CA are available on Vimeo. (All postings are with the speaker’s consent only. Some of the presentations contained confidential information and will not be posted.)

Foresight Lectures

7th Annual SAP CEO Summit
Oct. 22-23, 2013 New York City
Christine Peterson will speak on nanotechnology and synthetic biology as part of a plenary panel on Innovation Futures, addressing how these fields are opening up new areas of commercial innovation, and how governments and corporations should respond.

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