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Molecular arm opens way to molecular assembly line

Foresight Update 29.01—January 23, 2016
ISSN 1078-9731

Nanotech News

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In this issue:

Conference video: Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Processing Predicted from First Principles

Prof. Goddard addressed some of the method developments to allow modeling of large-scale systems, followed by some examples. He noted that the grand vision over the past 25 years has been that theory can be used to predict something useful. To predict new systems where there is no empirical data it is necessary to start with first principles. …

Conference video: Mythbusting Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms through Science Gateways

Prof. Klimeck addressed novel ways to disseminate nanotechnology simulations to broader audiences using as an example a user facility, the web site nanoHUB. About 12,000 users sign up for accounts and run half a million simulations throughout the year. …

DNA nanotechnology controls which molecules enter cells

A useful addition to the toolkits for nanomedicine and synthetic biology would be a cell membrane pore to exclude or admit predetermined molecules on demand. …

Molecular arm grabs, transports, releases molecular cargo

… UK chemists have devised a nanoscale robot that can grasp a cargo molecule, pick it up, place it in a new position some distance away and release it. At no time does the cargo dissociate from the machine or exchange with other molecules. …

Electron tomography reveals precise positions of individual atoms in aperiodic material

As researchers work to build increasingly complex structures and devices to atomic precision, it will become increasingly useful to be able to image arbitrarily complex 3D nanostructures to atomic precision. This was a challenge that Richard Feynman threw out to electron microscopists in 1959, and UCLA scientists appear to have decisively met Feynman’s challenge. …

Nanoparticles ameliorate MS in mice by inducing immune tolerance of myelin

Nanoparticles fabricated by a variety of techniques offer great hope for the development of nanomedicine. One of the potential applications for specially engineered nanoparticles is the modulation of an immune system that is targeting an essential molecule, as explained by this news release from Northwestern University …

Inexpensive transparent conductors from correlated metal nanostructures

It is usually both interesting and useful when technology identifies multiple paths to the same goal, particularly when a new path has a major advantage, such as a much lower cost and substituting an abundant resource for a limited one. …

Active and reversible control of nanoparticle optical properties

Nanoparticles exhibit a range of useful electronic, optical, and magnetic properties. These particles would be even more useful if such properties could be deliberately and reversibly tuned for specific purposes. Scientists have now achieved substantial progress in this direction. …

—Nanodot posts by James Lewis

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Foresight Kudos to past President and Welcome to new President

Kudos to Paul Melnyk who served as Foresight President from May 2013 through December 2015, which included the 17th Foresight Conference: "The Integration Conference", February 7-9, 2014; Foresight Institute's 2014 Workshop on Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy, Sept. 5-7, 2014; Foresight Institute's 2015 Workshop on Atomic Precision for Medical Applications, May 29-31, 2015.

Please join us in welcoming incoming Foresight Interim President Steve Burgess. Steve is a long-time Foresight member, having been involved in many projects, and having been Foresight Treasurer for more than a year.

White papers now available from Foresight’s workshops

Directed/Programmable Matter for Energy, Sept. 5-7, 2014 Video
White paper: Directed Programmable Matter for Energy Applications: Insights, analysis and implications for society

Atomic Precision for Medical Applications, May 29-31, 2015 Video
White paper: Foresight Institute's Workshop On Atomic Precision For Medical Applications

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