Foresight @ Google - 25th Anniversary Conference Celebration
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Foresight Institute 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference

Hosted by Google in Silicon Valley, CA

June 25-26, 2011

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Preliminary Program

FRIDAY, JUNE 24th 2011
7pm   Informal No-host Reception
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto
SATURDAY, JUNE 25th 2011 — The Science Behind The Dream
8:00-9:00am   REGISTRATION
9:00-9:15am   "Nanotech: the Next 25 Years"
Christine Peterson, President/CoFounder of Foresight
9:15-9:45am   "Commercializing Nanotechnology"
KEYNOTE: James R. Von Ehr, II, President/Founder of Zyvex Labs
9:45-10:15am   "New Synthetic Methods for Development of Nanoscale Materials"
Matthew Francis, PhD, Rising star of nanotech at UC-Berkeley
10:15-10:45am   MORNING BREAK
10:45-11:15am   "Integrating Molecular Switches and Machines with the Everyday World"
Sir Fraser Stoddart, PhD, Head of Northwestern's Mechanostereochemistry Group
11:15-11:25am   "Introduction to Nanotech Challenges Panel"
Congressman Mike Honda, Winner of Foresight Government Prize, 2005
11:25-12:15am   PANEL — "The Scientific Challenges of Truly Transformative Nanotech"
Andrew Bleloch, (Halcyon), Matt Francis (UC-Berkeley), Sir J Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern), William Goddard (CalTech), Chris Schafmeister (Temple)
12:15-1:45pm   BREAKOUT LUNCHEON
1:45-2:15pm   "From Molecular Lego to Programmable Matter"
Christian Schafmeister, PhD, Temple University, Feynman Prize for Experimental Work
2:15-2:45pm   "Molecular, Mesoscale and Macroscopic Dynamics:
Quantum Theory in Molecular Computation"
William A. Goddard, III, PhD, Director of CalTech's Materials & Process Simulation Center
2:45-3:15pm   "Molecular Robotics"
Ari Requicha, PhD, Founder of USC's Molecular Robotics Lab
3:15-3:45pm   AFTERNOON BREAK
3:45-4:15pm   "Single Atom Imaging of DNA Sequencing '…just look at the thing!'"
Andrew Bleloch, PhD, Head of Microscopy, Halcyon Molecular
4:15-5pm   PANEL — "Research and Application: From Innovation to Success"
Andrew Bleloch (Halcyon), Michael Garner (ITRS), Mike Nelson (NanoInk), Robert Meagley (ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC), Thomas Theis (IBM), Sir J Fraser Stoddart (Northwestern)
7pm+   "The Future of Foresight: Making Your Goals Happen"
25th ANNIVERSARY BANQUET & Senior Associates Reunion
Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel's Cyprus Room, Palo Alto
SUNDAY, June 26th, 2011 — Startups, Entrepreneurship & Your Career
8:00-9:00am   REGISTRATION
9:00-9:15am   "Making New Technologies Real"
Foresight Institute
9:15-9:45am   "Beyond Silicon: Nanoscale Science and Technology at IBM"
Thomas Theis, PhD, Program Manager, New Devices and Architectures for Computing, IBM
9:45-10:15am   "Forecasts for Nanotechnology"
Paul Saffo, PhD, Managing Director of Discern Analytics
10:15-10:45am   MORNING BREAK
10:45-11:15am   "Applications of Nanomaterials to Integrated Circuit Technology"
Michael Garner, PhD, Co-Chair of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors' Emerging Research Materials
11:15-11:45am   "Reflections on a Decade of Innovation:
Nanobusinesses Delivering on the Promise of Tunable Properties"
Margaret Johns, MA, Vice-President of Bluewater Consulting
11:45 am-12:15 pm   "Mesoporous Sensors: From Explosives to Cancer"
Robert Meagley, PhD, CEO/CTO of ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC
12:15-1:45pm   BREAKOUT LUNCHEON
1:45-2:45pm   PANEL — "Funding, Development and the Valley of Death:
Transcending Entrepreneurial Challenges"
Barney Pell (Moon Express), Luke Nosek (Founders Fund, Paypal), William Andregg (Halcyon), Margaret Johns (Bluewater Consulting), Michael Garner (ITRS), Lerwen Liu (Zyvex Asia)
Moderator: Sonia Arrison (Pacific Research Institute)
2:45-3:15pm   "Evolution of a Nanotech Startup"
Mike Nelson, MA, MBA, CTO of NanoInk, Inc
3:15-3:45pm   AFTERNOON BREAK
3:45-4:30pm   PANEL — "Jumpstarting a Career in Nanotech: How To Make Your Move"
Christian Schafmeister (Temple), Margaret Johns (Bluewater Consulting), Mike Nelson (NanoInk), Ari Requicha (USC), Robert Meagley (ONE-Nanotechnologies LLC)
Moderator: Sonia Arrison (Pacific Research Institute)
4:30-5pm   "Mining the Moon"
KEYNOTE: Barney Pell, PhD, CoFounder/CTO of Moon Express
5:00-5:15pm   "Using What We've Learned"
Foresight Institute

*program and speakers subject to change as necessary



Program and speakers subject to change.